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Self Ob (M) Crazy Sneeze Day


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Hello Long term lurker seldom poster.

I woke up this morning and I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed and sneezed. I have been sneezing all day and I don't know why.

Now this happens to me from time to time where I just sneeze all day. I am not sure if the local pollen count is super high or something but my allergy pill did nothing. I am can be a loud sneezer so I was stifling them early in the morning. Might have been a bad idea because each stifle made the next sneeze stronger so I that plan had to end.  The sneezes have been VERY MESSY today. Occasional snot rocket.

Additionally I am a very self-conscious sneezer. I HATE sneezing in front of others so I have been on and off stifling all day.  As of time of writing I would assume I am well over 100 sneezes today which would probably be more than I have sneezed in the last week. It has been difficult running around doing errands with a constantly runny nose. It has been an interesting day for sure.


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This used to happen to me very occasionally, in the years before I started taking allergy medicine on a regular basis.

Again, bless you, and I hope you can stop sneezing soon.


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Wow! Thats a lot of sneezes! I was just wondering if they are all single sneezes spread out during the day? Or do you have sneezing fits also? How many sneezes come out eacht time? :) 

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Aww man I’m sorry to hear that. But bless you for every wonderful sneeze that you do. By chance, do your sneezes spray? Have you made any recordings? Hope to hear from you soon 

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Wow that's really impressive! I also caught a cold recently, but I've only sneezed a few times. I have this constant tickle in my nose though. 

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