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This is my First Observation and English isn‘t my mother tongue so please be nice even if its not will written.

One of my colleagues was not at work today and because we are also friends I called him to ask how he is doing. He had a really stuffy voice and was sniffling the whole time. He had to stop our conversation a couple of times to blow his nose. At some point I was telling him something about other colleagues when he started to breath irregular. I was really hopping that he would sneeze. A couple of seconds later he tried to excuse himself but at that point he was already hitching a lot and sneezed mid sentence. „Ha-hang on I I have to to Haaaashuuuuuu (sniff) sorry“ But it didn’t just end with one sneeze. He had to sneeze almost every minute. His sneezes are pretty loud and wet but not to much. Towards to end of our call he started to sneeze even more frequently until it developed into a full blown fit. He tried to stifle some of his sneezes but it didn’t work. „Hasoo, Haa haa hashuuu I‘m soIshooo Hashooo Hashooo I think we Hashoooooo better end this now. Hashoooo See you tomo-Ishooooooo tomorrow. Bye“

this was honestly my best sneeze related experience so far. I‘m really looking forward to go to work tomorrow 😉🤧

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Thank you all for your nice comments:)

work today was awesome. We work in an office and my friends desk is right int front of mine. Because of this I could observe him pretty good. When he came in he wore like three jackets a thick scarf and he had a big tissue pack under his arm. I asked him if he was really sure that he could work today (even though I truly wanted him to stay) but he said that he was well enough to work. In the first hour he didn’t sneeze but had to blow his nose a lot. Then after another twenty minutes or so he sneezed it first sneeze. It was muffled into a tissue. Huuuummshshh. I was kinda disappointed because I didn’t look up early enough to see his face. This scenario repeated a lot in the next couple of hours. Close to the end of our shift he seems to get very uncomfortable. My friend had to sneeze but it just couldn’t get out.

“ Hehe he HE- ...... Ha Ha Haaaa-„

His head was tilted back and his red nostrils were flaring quite a lot. He had the sneezes expression on his face. It was so hot. But it goteven better. After thirty seconds of this agony (for him at least) he started to talk to himself. 

„ Co Come ohon Heee heeee“ 

i decided that this was my chance. I stood up and walked to his desk.

“ Try to look out of the window. Maybe it helps.“

He did so and at that moment he started sneezing five times in the blow. But he wasn’t fast enough to cover up his nose so some spray got onto my arm.

Haaaaashuuuu He Heeeesoooooooo Hushoooo Hushoooo HOOOOOOOSHOOOOO

He apologists and said that he would go home now. I don’t think that he will come beck before he ist healthy. But still this two experiences I had with him were pretty amazing :)


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Mmm!!  ❤️ the thought of him struggling with a stuck sneeze, then losing control after following your suggestion is so hot.  I bet you had a hard time focusing on work after that ;)

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