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Hi. Your friendly neighbourhood oddball Chanel here. 👋 

Now, I don't want to appear desperate or anything, but... 

… I AM DESPERATE! :cryhappy:  (<--- I know that's the happy crying emoji, but that's the closest to puppy eyes I could get, okay?) 

I'm willing to write anything (okay, within reasonable limits) in exchange for a Theresa Cullen (Westworld) fic. Including getting myself acquainted with fandoms I'm not familiar with, as long as it's available somewhere I can get it. Or I can write original. Um, so, yeah, hit me up if you're equally desperate for something, or of course if you simply want to make your friendly neighbourhood oddball happy. ^_^ Yeah, I have written plenty on my own, but, you know... sometimes you want to read something you haven't created yourself. :P

Colds or allergies doesn't matter; I'm kind of partial to Theresa with a cold, actually, but since I am at heart an allergy-lover I'd love that just as much. With or without caretaking. Anything. Anything!  :hyper:  PLEEEEAAAASE??

:huh: I really do sound desperate, don't I? :lol: Yeah, sorry. But that on the other hand indicates just how appreciated it would be... ^^

Soooo I'm just gonna leave this here, go be embarrassed under my bag of shame, and hope that my prayer will be answered. :cheers: 


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