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Soundtracks/Songs to write to for Nanowrimo


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I would love to listen to them while I write. I can listen to one song that I really resonate with for hours upon hours while I write. Once the song is sufficiently sucked dry, I have to find a new one. So, I’m hoping you guys can suggest some good songs or soundtracks that I can try. I already have some suggestions that will tie me over for a bit, but I’m always happy for more. 

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Music is like my #1 writing inspiration - what kind of music do you typically like to write to? And/or what is your story about? I can try and suggest some music I like that fits the tone of what you're working on. Or I can just shout random songs at you if you want me to hahah

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Movie soundstracks work best for me. I get too caught up in lyrics when i listen to songs. I listen to lyrics for inspiration but when I'm down to writing its music only :) 

If you're on Spotify I can link some excellent play lists. What type of music are you going for? 

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I've been into aesthetic playlists lately mostly anything by Cigarettes After Sex. Very calming and helps me focus.

Also I can state @Juto has some awesome playlists ;)

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Soundtrack/trailer music like Audiomachine and Hans Zimmer works best for me. Also melodic techno/trance/house music. I can't handle lyrics when I write, unless it's a song I'm so familiar with I don't really notice the lyrics at all anymore. SOMETIMES it works if the lyrics are in a language I don't know, but that's more exception than rule. 

With a fantasy setting, I just realised Enya might work as well. ^_^ 

I also do plenty of soundscapes - my favourites are distant thunderstorms, rain on tent, and harbour sounds.

Also, don't laugh, but I find this one actually does what it says. If it really is working because of the isochronic tones, or if it's the placebo effect, or if it's just because the music is pleasant, I can't say, but it works for me. It's my secret weapon. I've beaten writer's block many times thanks to this. 


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@murphy dee

oh my goodness! Me too! It’s to the point where I’m not sure if I could write without music. I’m hoping that’s not too much of a crutch. My story genre is fantasy romance that’s set in the medieval times. There will be fight scenes, romantic scenes, some journeying, intrigue, etc so whatever music is suggested should be fine since it will probably fit a certain scene. I literally just planned to click play on every song suggested and listen to it while I write. Then take the ones I vibe with and play them on repeat. Throwing random songs at me would be amazing whether it’s now or even a month from now when you come across something new. I basically just type one song into YouTuberepeater and listen to it. Each song can last up to three days (depending) which is soooo nice! I like to write to several categories of music. One example is poignant music that makes you feel, like this karaoke version,

And this piece from the movie Phantom Thread

The Phantom Thread song inspired a hunting scene. I wrote a scene recently to this song below where two characters are staring at each other, and one character is describing the other’s eye color. I like how soothing and calm it is. 

Anything with falsetto tones gets me. 

Not sure what this category would be, but it’s a lovely song. He has a unique voice. 

But don’t be shy to suggest songs that are in a different style. I usually like one song in any album. I write to a variety of music, but I just wanted to give you an example of what I’ve listened to/written to recently. 

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@Juto I don’t have Spotify, but I’ll download it. Does the free version still allow someone to share playlists? And can I pm you once I download Spotify? With soundtracks, I go for the overwhelming, sweeping kind that makes you want to DO something/anything. Sometimes, it’s the type that makes you feel something you haven’t experienced. Most of the time, it evokes some type of emotional response in me. I love instruments like the violin and flute. Lyrics don’t bother me unless there is cursing 😂 LOL. So if you have playlists with lyrics, I would love to listen to those too. 

@Kaze wo Hiku Thanks!!! I’ll listen to their album tomorrow when I write. I do like soothing music, so here’s hoping! 

@Chanel_no5 Thanks boo! I haven’t finished tree of life yet, but I plan to save it for the epic battle scenes. That’s what the first couple of songs remind me of. I’ll add Hans Zimmer to the list. Excited about that one. Girl, if that video works, it’ll be my new favorite. Writer’s block is brutal. I’ll have to try the soundscapes and yea!! Enya might work. 

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I also like to write to songs that connect to the story I'm writing, even if that connection only makes sense in my head. Given that you stated your story is fantasy/medieval romance, here's my suggestions;

*The soundtrack from the 2005 King Arthur. It will especially work for fight scenes, I think. I'm particularly fond of "Woad to Ruin", but that's my own personal tastes speaking.

*A lot of the foreign language songs by Josh Groban. He's got a beautiful voice, and there's a lot of passion in his delivery. Personal favorites include "Per Te", "Un Amore Per Sempre", and "L'Ultima Notte". "Remember" also has some instrumental/choral work that may fit the era you're going for.

*"Carrickfergus" and "The Little Horses" by Charlotte Church.

*This version of "Come Little Children".

*Depending on the sort of fantasy, Within Temptation's albums "The Silent Force" and "The Heart of Everything" might be right up your alley. Some highlights; "The Howling", "Hand of Sorrow", "The Cross", "See Who I Am", "Stand My Ground", and "Somewhere".

*"The Sacrifice of Faramir/The Edge of Night" from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I feel like you'll already be familiar with/have used this one, though.

*"Love Song for a Vampire", by Annie Lennox.

*"The Foggy Dew" by Sinead O'Connor.

*"Moondance" by Nightwish.

*"The World I Knew", by Jordin Sparks.

*"Carol of the Bells" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It's got more of a modern rock sound, but it also sounds incredibly epic, so maybe it'll work for a fight scene or dramatic moment in your story.

*"Once Upon a December" from the animated Anastasia. Either the movie version or this French version.

*The main titles from the TV show Rome. It's got an old-time feel that might put you in a "period piece" mood, even if it's not the era you're writing about.

*A lot of the instrumentals from the The Lion King soundtrack. Though "Be Prepared" might work for your villain as well.

*For a romance scene, perhaps the movie version of "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge.

*"The Parting Glass", particularly this version by The High Kings.

*This version of "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion.

*A lot of the The Prince of Egypt soundtrack might suit your needs.

*It's not period appropriate, but if you want something soothing yet a bit mysterious and melancholy, "Sleep" by Poets of the Fall is wonderful.

*"The Cost of the Crown", by Margie Butler.

*"Mordred's Lullaby", by Heather Dale.

*And finally, I need to plug my all time favorite song, "Broken". It always makes its way onto my writing playlists, so maybe it'll work for you too.

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Bumping this topic since even though Nanowrimo is over I know a lot of us writers are still always searching for music to help stir the senses.  A friend of mine recently introduced me to this

It's amazingly calm and soothing perfect for background music so I thought I'd share it.

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