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i accidentaly made him sneeze..


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Hello everyone 😊 I never planned to write an observation. Unfortunately, it was my fault today that it came to such a situation and that's why I wanted to write it down for you.

We have known each other for 3 years, I am not sure if we are friends but he seems to be happy when we meet, asks me if everything is alright etc. I call him C. and he is from Romania. His hair is short and dark brown, his eyes are light brown, he is large and his skin is a bit pale

This morning, it was 10:00 I visited him at his workplace, last week he told me that it is his birthday soon and that day was today. He works as a waiter in a café, there were only 2 more tables occupied.

I congratulated him on his birthday and he was so happy that he hugged me. He is over 40 inches taller than me, so he had to bend down to do it.
When he straightened up he said, 'Wow, now I am 28 years old, time is going so fast and next year I'm going to be an uncle' and he smiled full of quiet anticipation. Pointing his finger on a free table he continued: 'Come, sit down, I have time.' And he took a tea for me, sat down next to me on a black leather suite and told me about his older sister - she is expecting a baby.

He told me in many details about his family in Romania, his hands gesticulating. He has a slight Romanian accent and a somewhat deep voice and he suddenly asked me if we could take a picture together. At first I did not want to, but he said: 'Come on, how long have we known each other?' I answered him: 'Maybe three years?'. 'Exactly, let's take a picture.' e added a please with a smile.  'Okay, because it's your birthday.'

He laughed and took a picture of us with his cell phone. I sat in front of him and he said. 'Look, it's beautiful.' He put his cell phone aside. I wanted to move a bit aside but he held me back. 'Wait.. may I?', He approached me a bit more and said, 'Wow, your hair smells great.' I did not know what to say first, but then I thanked him. I use vegan coconut water for my hair - it is a leave in product and I don't wash it out. It has a very summery, sweet and intense scent, 'It smells like a coconut.' he located and I just nodded silently.
I think he wanted to say something, but I saw from the corner of my eyes that he turned away from me. I could hear him inhaling deeply and he sneezed twice.

It was the first time I heard him sneeze. It was quite powerful. I didn't expected his sneezes to be so strong. Two sneezes in a row with a break of maybe 2 seconds. C. turned back to me and apologized for his sneeze, but I nodded. 'No, it was my fault, I am sorry.' But he denied and laughed: 'No, it was not your fault... it just smells a little too.. sweet..', I could hear him inhaling and he had to sneeze twice again. Again he turned away from me.
I blessed him, passed him a tissue and he thanked me and sniffed a bit. I knew it was because of the sweet scent. I don't think it was uncomfortable for him to sneeze but I felt and still feel very guilty because I know it was my fault...

I hope you liked the observation?

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@gryffin hello, I bought the coconut water in a store in my town. I am sorry I guess you are in Italy and you can only buy it in Germany or Austria. An online shop would be an alternative, too.

But today I looked up for you in the store and there is another coconut water by Garnier. It is a white package and I think you will be able to buy Garnier products in Italy too. Please let me know if you were successful. Good luck ☺️

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Awww, he sounds adorable, and I also love the idea that the scent in your hair made him sneezy. And I agree, he sure sounds interested in you to me. ;)  Wonderful obs for sure. Just a little question: Do you perhaps know how you’d spell his sneezes or no?

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hello @I love Alan Rickman I am very sorry that my answer is so late .. ironically we met each other today..

but unfortunately I do not know how to describe or spell his sneezes .. I have never spelled sneezes before .. but they were strong and powerful .. I hope that you happy with this answer ..

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This reminds me of a time I was younger (around 9/10) and decided to throw my mother a 'relaxing romantic night' for her anniversary by making her a bubble bath, lighting candles, throwing flower petals, and spraying half a bottle of perfume all over the room.

I have always hated the sound of my family members sneezing/coughing and it seems like the majority of this forum's members would second me on that.

To my dismay, my mother was extremely allergic to the perfume I had just sprayed VERY GENEROUSLY all over her bedroom...

To say the least it was not a romantic night for my parents, and I hid in the basement four hours to get away from the sound of her sneezing. :oops:


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