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Question - photic sneeze reflex


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I've been sick with a very sneezy cold for the past few days. It's never just one sneeze. It's usually 2-4 sneezes, sometimes more - and sometimes that last sneeze just gets stuck. 

Normally I don't have a photic reflex. Looking at bright lights doesn't usually make me sneeze.  However, for the past few days, glancing up at the light seems to create just enough of an extra tickle to help coax out a stubborn sneeze that isn't coming. Maybe my nasal passages are irritated and extra-sensitive, but I thought this photic reflex was something you either had or didn't. So now I'm confused.

Does anyone else have the same experience?

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Yeah the reflex isn't a have it or don't situation. most people have like a tiny bit of it actlly, which is why "look at a light" is something even ppl without the fetish who aren't usually light sensitive know about for stuck sneeze relief.

but yeah, it runs on a spectrum like most everything else people experience. some ppl don't have it at all, most ppl have it a tiny bit like you and i do, some ppl have it to where when they step outside on a sunny day they sneeze every time, and a few people are so sensitive that they even sneeze when they look away from and then back to a computer screen with the bright set to full. 

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