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Sick Fick Request (Seasickness/Caretaking focused)


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Hey everyone, I’d like to request a sick fic, preferably from a female writer. It may be original or a fanfic. But basically, I’d like to read something where a female character is out on a vacation and gets seasick, and has someone take care of her. There doesn’t have to be vomiting, but I’d like for it to get as far as extreme nausea – the overall image of her leaning over the rail and if you want a cartoon reference, said character covering her mouth and puffed cheeks while looking green.

As for any other specifics, swimwear would be a good fit as far as clothing goes. Time period, anywhere between the 40s to the present day. I also like it when the character is shown to be having a good time (eating, enjoying the sights, etc.)  before the sickness strikes and after they recover.

I can return the favor by writing from the perspective of a male character suffering from the same thing or having allergies or colds or the flu. It can even be an alternate point of view from the fic you write from this. I prefer for it to be a female writer because I think it gives a more realistic and specific feeling of the situation.

If you feel like doing a fanfic, here are the characters I’d consider:  Lara Croft, Faye and Rhonda from Song to Song, Tina from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Shasta Fay from Inherent Vice, Ramona Flowers and Lisa from Scott Pilgrim, Summer from 500 Days of Summer, Tracy from How I Met Your Mother, Clara from Doctor Who, Pam from The Office,  Debora from Baby Driver. Thanks in advance!

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