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Cute Boy in Class (been waiting for this!!)


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Hi all! 

So this is a short little obs, but I just had to share bc I have been hoping for this to happen. In one of my classes, the most attractive boy I have probably ever seen sits next to me. (Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend). He looks almost exactly like Ryan Reynolds. He is probably about 6ft tall, muscular and toned, dark hair, and a baseball player. Basically just look at a picture of young Ryan Reynolds and there ya go. 


Anywho, I have been waiting to hear him sneeze since I met him. He is super sweet and surprisingly a little shy. We have made small talk a few times. 


So today in class we ended up moving seats to work with assigned groups. He was not in my group and moved across the classroom. It was pretty silent when all of the sudden I heard a sneeze to my left. I glanced up and there he was with his hand holding his shirt over his mouth. I saw him hold it there for a moment before letting it drop. The girl in front of him blessed him and he thanked her. About 10 minutes later I just happened to be looking in his general direction and I saw him duck his face into his shirt again. He sneezed again, quietly. This time, no one blessed him. I wished so badly I was sitting next to him like usual so I could have blessed him myself. I also wish I could spell it, but the sneezes were too short. I heard him sniffling a little for the rest of class and I watched him swipe under his nose a few times. 

When we left class I was behind him and he held the door open for me. He then stood waiting for his girlfriend to come out of her class. I saw him rubbing his temples almost as if he had a headache. There has been a really bad cold going around our campus, so I wonder if he is catching that. 


Ugh for his sake I hope not, but for ours.... I hope so. I will have class again with him in 2 days so if he ends up getting sick I will update you all. I just wish I had been sitting NEXT to him so I could have blessed him:( maybe on Wednesday. Now I will spend the next two days daydreaming about how lucky his gf is to get to take care of him lol 


Have a a great week guys. Thanks for reading

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