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accidentally made eye contact with a guy blowing his nose


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After many months without any good observations, I finally got one.  I'm standing at a train station waiting for a train, and there are a few people sitting on a bench nearby.  One of the guys (I guess in his 20's) sitting on the bench sneezes a one syllable "choo" and sniffles slightly after.  About a minute later, I heard a sound that I distinctly recognized as nose blowing.  They were very snotty, medium-volume honking blows.  I wanted to see who was blowing their nose, so I turned to look, and I accidentally made eye contact with the guy who was blowing his nose (it was the same person that sneezed earlier).  His eyes were pretty and blue, and I was embarrassed so I looked away quickly.  The guy must have noticed me, because he laughed a bit.  "Sorry, my nose has been running all day," he said, pointing to his nose.  "It's fine," I said.  Then I gradually moved away from the bench in order to avoid any more awkward small talk, but I was still within earshot of his nose blowing.  I heard about 2 more sneezes and 3 more honking nose blows before the train finally came.

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Wo-o-ow, now that's a good observation! I mean, maybe a bit awkward, but the guy seemed nice about it! And apparently he's not embarrassed about blowing his nose in public :lol:

 Thanks for sharing this ob!

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