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The curse of the sneeze?


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I've noticed this weird phenomenon pertaining to sneezes, and I would LOVE an explanation for it, or to know if anybody has experienced this. 

For background, I actually don't really like it when people I know (especially acquaintances or professional/work friends) sneeze, *especially* in a one-on-one situation. I get a lot of anxiety about how to react (to bless or not), and just don't want to see that side of them. 

I've noticed that at least for the past few years, it seems like almost every acquaintance I have in this situation sneezes at the last possible opportunity during which I would see them sneeze. I'll give some examples to illustrate my point:

In high school, I had a one-on-one tutor. We got along really well, and she never sneezed during one of our sessions. Then on the LAST DAY OF CLASSES she sneezed twice during the lesson...

In my internship, I met many times with my direct supervisor and he never sneezed during those meetings (though sometimes I'd hear him sneeze from across the office, but that was ok for me). Then in literally the last meeting we had during my internship, he sneezed while I was sitting right next to him!! 

When I was abroad for the summer: I had a language tutor who sneezed twice during our last lesson but never any other time. I also made a friend while abroad and we would hang out occasionally. She never sneezed while we were hanging out, and then when we got a "goodbye lunch" since we were both going back home the next week, she sneezed two huge sneezes right before we were gonna say our goodbyes! 

What's up with this?? It's like the universe doesn't want me to have ever had any kind of relationship with somebody without knowing what their sneeze sounds like. Some of you might enjoy this, and I would definitely be curious to know their sneeze, but I just wouldn't want to be sitting with them when it happens! 

Am I crazy or has anybody else had this happen to them? 

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I haven't had this same pattern happen to me, but I can definitely relate to not wanting acquaintances or work friends to sneeze. I'm already awkward; them sneezing just magnifies it.

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Explanation timestamped! Generally interesting video on how brains work as well if you start from 0:00


Edit to add: what i mean by this is your brain is great at recognizing patterns! but probably you know just as many people who don't fit into this pattern, but bc brains do this thing, they don't stick out/you don't count them.

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