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Koopa Kouple in New Donk City


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Bowsette design based off of RafaKnight's art: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dhdqn7hWsAIt5ZN.jpg

“Hmmf!” Mario exclaimed, seeing her future wife turn her down after he went all the way to the moon and back to save her. 

It had been a rough journey for the stubby plumber, shape-shifting and traveling all over the place. He had a lifetime of adventures at Bowser’s Castle alone. However, with Peach turning her nose up at the two, Mario realized his odyssey wasn’t over yet.

Once his arch nemesis then became an acceptable ally. The large turtle put a claw over the red italian’s shoulder and smiled, whispering his idea in his ear. Mario winced at first, but then looked at Peach with a bit of lust. He finally agreed and let Bowser put his plan into action.

Taking Mario’s friend cappy, the green and yellow lizard snuck up on Peach and snatched her. He then snagged Tiara and Cappy and slapped them on some handcuffs. Sealing the deal, he clicked the cuffs on both Peach’s wrist and his own.

Mario saw Peach and Bowser with his own blue eyes, seeing just what would unfold. This was much different from Mario’s typical possession, but happened just as quickly. 

First, they both molded together, being covered in some sort of galactic mesh to conceal the transforming details. It started with the body build, shrinking down to a chunky, but more human appearance. Then some turtle and dragon traits made their way to its feet, hands, and back, acquiring claws and spikes. Some parts on the chest and groan gave off a feminine appearance as well. The head finally changed shape, molding into a soft turtle-y appearance with a very broad snout and two fair sized holes on the snout.

After the body fit the new look, the rainbow mold faded as a new, humanoid koopa. She even was fitted with Peach’s dress to protect her lewd parts.

Being more aware of her new reality, the female koopa held her head as it was being filled with memories of two completely different lives. She didn’t know what to make of it, but when she saw the small man only a few feet away, she could only feel joy.

“M-Mario?” They said, turning their head in curiosity.

Mario sat there for a moment, thinking of a new name for this interesting character. He even considered all that could go on in a transformation as such and thought of quite the appropriate name.

“A-yes!” Mario confirmed, hugging the koopa lady. 

“How does Bowsette sound to you?” Mario asked with a dumb grin on his face, anxious to be accepted by, at least, a part of Princess Peach.

Bowsette gasped, clasping her hands together and twirling Mario around into a hug. Before landing a kiss on the brown haired plumber, she agreed.

“Why of course! That sounds lovely!” Bowsette squeaked, giving Mario a kiss and a lick on the face.

From that moment on, it was set. Mario, Peach, and Bowser would all live in perfect harmony. It was just too good to be true.

There were so many things on Mario’s mind, but one thing's for certain. This was an entirely new women! Sure, she was sweet and kind, but was also a bit tomboyish. Not annoying like Daisy, but simply prefer heavier music and casual wear. 

Since the Odyssey needed the hats to operate it, Bowsette found it annoying having to sway her wrist near it anytime they needed to travel. Both Bowsette and Mario agreed to settle in New Donk City to spend the rest of their days.

Mario had no idea how to impress this lady, it almost ate him up. The basic italian didn’t know how exactly how to get to her heart and didn’t wanna blow it again. He had to think all the way back to his childhood to find his answer. Food, of course. Treating the belly was the best way to treat the soul, and good food at that.

He couldn’t do it alone, so he called up Pauline for help. He knew that Peach’s eagerness and Bowser’s appetite would be a pain to feed without proper support, so maybe getting some sweet money to back him up could get enough food to make Bowsette happy.

After that call to Pauline, it was only a few days before the first date was in motion. Probably Mario’s first proper date too. All he had to do was save the princess and he’d have a princess literally in his lap.

Mario and Bowsette were relaxing at a local park when Mario’s gloved hand inched towards Bowsette’s. The female koopa blinked, looked at her hand then at Mario.

She asked “What’s the problem?” She asked in a calm manner.

Shedding a tear, Mario sniffed and said “I know you a-said you were comfortable with us being like-a...this, but I really want to know the REAL you.” 

A couple waitresses came up beside the two, ready escort them to the New Donk City Hall.

Bowsette smelt some food from behind, making herself turn around. She leaned towards the waitress wanting to get the food, but caught herself. Her mouth was agape, surprised at what Mario gave her.

She nodded, still in shock. “Woah.” She said softly, having her pink hoodie sleeve yanked by mario as they made their way to the dinner.

While inside the Hall, Mario handed Bow Sette a flower as a token of gratitude for being by his side.

“For-a you, my dear.” Mario said confidently.

Bowsette held the flower and reared her head back from it. She was quite curious in this new plant and leaned her snout close to it to sniff it a few times. Her snout was blessed with the rosey scent, but let a tingle ease its way down her snout. She felt her nostrils twitch a few times, making her flex them and shake her head.

Staying strong, Bowsette said “Smells great!” She half lied, but couldn’t deny the amazing scent. Oh she wished she could crack another sniff, but these new allergies were really something.

It wasn’t long before the varying statured couple were met with a ginormous hallway, having a cute table for two in the center of it all.

Pauline walked by Bowsette, the mayor still busy at this time of day. 

The mayor commented to Bowsette “We reserved it all just for you, but we normally hold this place for executive dinners.” Pauline explained, taking a nearby elevator up to her office to continue her work.

Maneuvering around the tables, both Mario and Bowsette quickly made their way to the table for two set for them. Every table had mints lying around for each person sitting, which made Bowsette steal some for herself and were put into her sweat pants pockets.

They finally sat down, having a larger bouquet of roses sit right beside both their plates. The same waitresses who followed them up finally served the Spaghetti they prepared, putting a smile on both the customers’ faces.

Before Bowsette could begin chowing down, Mario started his own little love monologue.

He confessed “Listen, I haven’t a-been the best. But I do love you, Bowsette…”

Meanwhile, Bowsette had her twitching nostrils right in front of the roses to her side. She was already worried about one rose, but ten of them?! She sniffled a bit as she tried to take a bite of the spaghetti.

Slurping a spaghetti noodle, her nostrils flared as they absorbed the food into them to completely taste the food. This caused those same koopa nares to flare wider and tickle a more irritating itch. She paused to see if Mario was paying attention, then while still slurping the noodle, rubbing her wide snout with the back of her hand. Her knuckles plucking the growing nose holes and satisfying her will to fight the sneezy itch for the time being.

Mario couldn’t have it and just wanted to have Bowsette’s gorgeous eyes meet his own. He moved Bowsette’s hand from her nose and continued. “...but I don’t need you to be like me. I love you just the way you are.” Mario finished with a heart-felt boop to his girlfriend’s large nose.

As if the flowers weren’t enough, Mario’s forcefully, albeit, gentle touch caused her nose to vibrate and tingle just as strong as it did moments ago. Feeling that Mario’s focus on her nose was more than enough for him to know what’s up with her, she caved in and began scrubbing her twitchy, scrunchy, tickly nose back and forth.

Taking a single claw, she clenched her hand and started scratch the hard skin on her snout, feeling no added discomfort from the scrubbing technique. She first started scratching aimlessly at the broad, wide snout, swiping the entire area of her nose to get a feel of what’s the most ticklish.

As she assaulted her nose, Mario was simply confused as to why Bowsette had to pause their date to mesh her nose. Gritting her teeth, the koopa girl felt she had to take this into her own hands, as per usual and started working harder and smarter.

As the koopa princess was attacking her nose, all Mario could say in curiosity was “B-Bowsette…”

The koopa girl slowed down, trying to aim her claws right at her flaring nostrils. She digged her claws at the rims of them and yanked at them every now and again. Bowsette could only control so much of her own nose, to her dismay. As she scratched, she felt a claw stab the inside of her nostril and sent tiny bits of pollen far down it.

Suddenly, Bowsette’s right nostril flare to gigantic proportions and forced a very weak sound out of her.

Breathing slowly, Bowsette regrettably hitched “hihh…Gehhh!” She panicked as her nose was another step closer to completely annihilation of her sinuses among other things.

With his dumb, blue eyes, Mario finally could see that his future fiance was in quite the predicament. He stepped off his chair and circled around to meet Bowsette, her eyes watering and her nose dripping just ever so slightly.

“Bowsette! What’s the matter?” Mario asked, his anxiety killing him as the poor princess continued to suffer.

Bowsette shoved a claw fiercy against her nostrils, trying to cover the growing nares as best she could. She unfortunately didn’t have time on her side, since her nostrils were slowly flaring and expanding beyond what her finger could cover.

Mario yanked his hair and screamed internally. He asked Bowsette “How about my a-hand?” as he slapped his gloved hand right against the koopa’s large nose.

Bowsette shook her sneezy head, saying “Ihh-it’s too late for thahhhhh!” She screamed a hitch, pinching her nose as Mario nodded and looked for another solution. She pinched a thumb and finger against each nostrils and moved them against her nares in speedy, circular motions. This only moved the pollen around more and made the koopa even sneezier.

Mario approached the princess with a handkerchief “How about you-a sneeze into a-this?” Mario offered, hovering the tissue inches from the koopa’s flaring nostrils.

Again, Bowsette shook her head, sending a scaly palm against her nose this time. “Yihh-you don’t get it, thihh...thihh...that won’t whihhh!” She hitched more so, being even less coherent.

Having her base of her hand planted on her nose, she was able to squish and squash her fat nose up and down repeatedly. With the amount of force she put onto her poor nose, she was able to shift the shape of her whole snout up and down, scrunching it in those same directions. 

Noticing her singular hand didn’t cover a single nostril, she sent both hands up to squish her nostrils the same way, but it was too late.

Mario had an epiphany and snapped his fingers together. He grabbed the group of roses and shoved them right in Bowsette’s line of fire.

“How about some nice-a roses, eh?” He said, thinking that forcing the sneeze out would make her feel better.

Her nose had enough, and sniffed a huge cloud of pollen to finish itself off. Bowsette lifted her hands, closed her eyes, and leaned way back. Her final words were “ButIsneezeout FUCHEIWWWWWWWWW! GHIHHHHH...GAHCIERWWWWWW!” Bowsette doubled over, burning many tables with sneezy fireballs coming from her mouth and nose.

She raised a finger at Mario, her head facing down as one more sneeze tingled in her snout. She felt tired already and just wanted to eat, so she sniffled and snorted to get coax the tickle into her snout more and failed.

Mario approached his girlfriend, briefly looking at the destruction and patting her back. “I don’t care how dangerous or sneezy you-a get.” Mario explained.

During Mario’s explanation, Bowsette reeled her head back and sneezed right on Mario, sending some hot flames all around him.

With the tickle gone, Bowsette happily rubbed her wide snout, the yellowish thing being the biggest pain it’s ever been. She turned back to where Mario was and gasped, shedding a tear at what she thought was her own murder.

Then, a cough was heard. Mario patted some char off of him and revealed to have transformed into fire Mario. The perfectly safe Mario walked up to Bowsette and began kissing her, truly falling in love with the koopa as destruction ran amuck the dinner room.

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