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Sneezing fit on elevator (m-self)


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So I’ve had a bit of a cold lately which I addition to making my nose more swollen and a bit sore, also more sensitive to smells that normally wouldn’t have a sneezy affect.  

Today I was on the elevator up to my floor when a woman got on right after me with some really strong smelling purfume.  Strong enough to get through my stuffed up nose and into the back of my already tickly sinuses. 

It wasn’t until the 4th floor before the first sneeze escaped, an intense itchy Hehh..HehhhSSSHOOO!  Into some Kleenex I had in my coat pocket. I was already embarrassed from this obvious cold but now it was quite clear to anyone who was just minding their own business.  On the way up the 14th floor , with a few stops in between,  I counted 7 horrifying and yet satisfying tickly sneezes from that woman’s scent that made my cheeks more red than my nose.  I waited until I got off the elevator to blow my completely stuffed up nose from the fit as to not draw even more attention to myself 🙈

So embarrassed!  

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Bless you. Sounds so hot. Wished I would have been with you in the elevator. (and went out with you together to hopefully see your blow)

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Awww so cute and sexy! Did the women bless you or just pretended nothing was happening?

bless you x 7!! I’m imagining those yummy wet sneezes of yours! 

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