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Boyfriend's dust allergies


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Background info: My boyfriend J is 6'1 with a muscular build and a nose that perfectly fits his face. It narrows out at the end and has a slightly pointed tip and round, medium sized nostrils. He's allergic to dogs, dust, and gets some light spring/fall allergies. He usually sneezes in singles and doubles, but every so often I'll get a triple out of him. He sneezes pretty regularly, maybe more so than the average person, with large, animated sneezes that are usually on the wetter side. He's a huge blesser (will literally bless anyone even if they're not in hearing distance) and always says thank you when he's blessed, unless he doesn't hear that person or is distracted. He loves to announce his sneezes by saying, "hold up" or "hold on" and always puts on a show with a pre-sneeze face. He always sneezes into the crook of his arm or, rarely, into the open if no one is around. He doesn't get sick too often, but when he does, he is always super sneezy, and every so often, his allergies will take him by surprise. 

I work and go to school full time and I am a cheerleading coach part time, as well. This past Sunday (yesterday) I was driving back from a football game and called J on the way home, as we had plans to hangout afterwards. Pretty soon into our conversation, I had noticed J sniffling a lot, and they were intense, wet sniffles. I finally said, "Are you okay? Sounds like you have the sniffles." I wasn't expecting anything crazy, considering he gets sniffly quite often. Much to my surprise, he answered, "Ugh yeah, my sister dropped off her old couch at my condo this morning and it kicked up so much dust. I cleaned it but I've been sneezing literally all day." I about died! I changed the subject and we hung up, and shortly after, J arrived at my house. 

He came inside and greeted my dog who absolutely adores him, but from the moment he came in I noticed he was super congested and sniffling. He's allergic to dogs, so I assume this only exacerbated the situation. Almost immediately after greeting my dog, he was having a conversation with my mom and I heard him sneeze from the other room. "huhIHtschhew!!" It sounded like he covered into his sleeve. My mom blessed him and he thanked her, (I didn't, as I was in the other room) and he immediately went to the bathroom to wash his hands as he usually does after petting a dog so that his allergies don't act up. They continued their conversation, and about 5 minutes later he sneezed again. "huh-EH-tschhh!" My mom blessed him and he thanked her once more. I heard him go to the kitchen and blow his nose intensely into a paper towel and then he entered my room. 

"Ugh, babe..." I looked up at him and his eyes were watering, his nose was red, and he was doing this thing where he stretches out his mouth when his nose is super itchy. "I'd dying," he said to me. I gave him a hug and a kiss and asked him if he was ok. "Ugh, do, I'b been sdeezing everywhere all day." We move to the living room as we're getting ready to take the dog for a walk. I'm sitting on the floor putting a harness and leash on my dog and J is sitting on the couch, sniffling. He sneezes again into his arm. "huhEHshhh!" I bless him and he thanks me. I got up and sat next to him on the couch and put my arm around him. "You okay baby?" We kissed each other and right then, he pulled away from me and opened his mouth, closed his eyes, hitched twice and caught a sneeze into his sleeve away from me. "huhPTHHH!" This one was wet.  He came back to try and kiss me again, and before he even could, he pulled away once more and put his arm up, waiting to catch another sneeze. "huhIHHtschh!" I blessed him, but he couldn't even thank me, as he was preparing for another sneeze right away. "hihTSHHH!" He stretched his mouth out again, trying to rid himself of the itch, and sneezed once more into his arm. "huhEHpthhsh!" I blessed him, and he thanked me, before finally sneezing one more time into his arm. "hihIHHpshh!" This was definitely the biggest fit I've ever seen him have, or at least the most rapid fit I've ever seen from him. I grabbed him two travel packs of tissues to take for the road.

On our walk with the dog, he sneezed once more on the trail and once again in my car. After dropping the dog off, we drove to his house alone. He was constantly sniffling thick, wet sniffles, and he was miserable, complaining of sinus pressure, but there were no more fits for that period of time. He mentioned wanting to take a shower to see if that would help. When we got back to his place, he showed me the couch, and sat on it, inviting me to join. "See? The material is super rough, so I'm gonna get a slip to put over it." He then proceeded to SMELL the couch. I asked him why he did, and he explained that he cleaned it earlier and wanted to know if it smelled clean. I smelled it myself, and then we proceeded upstairs to his room. Immediately, J's sniffling increased ten fold. Clearly, smelling the couch was a huge mistake. I sat on his bed looking at my phone while he undressed to get ready to shower. As he's undressing, he starts having another fit. "huhPTSHHH!" He sneezes openly toward the ground. I bless him, he thanks me, and 10 seconds later - "huhIHtchhhew!" He sneezes into the crook of his arm. 10 seconds later, another sneeze into his arm. "huhIHtschhh!" At this point, he's frantically hurrying to get in the shower. His sneezes are desperate and super itchy sounding. He invites me to hangout in the bathroom as he showers, so I follow him in. He sneezes again walking in the bathroom, openly. "huhPTSHHH!" I bless him, and I jokingly say, "Should I just stop saying bless you at this point?" He replies, "No, no, you can say it, I'm just gonna keep sneezing." He hops in the shower and lets out another open sneeze as soon as he gets in. "hihTSCHHEW!!" I bless him and he thanks me, and as soon as he starts showering, he feels relieved and stops sneezing. 

He felt much better after the shower for a while, and the sneezing subsided, but around an hour later he started to feel crappy again, super congested and sniffling constantly. We grabbed dinner and he sneezed once at the table into his arm, "huhITTchhh!" And then proceeded to blow his nose into the tissues I gave him. He continued to be sniffly and congested for the rest of the night, but that was the last sneeze. 

I felt so bad for my boyfriend, but it was definitely a pleasure to get all of those observations, and totally unexpectedly! Not sure if he's allergic to the dust on the couch or the material itself, but whatever it is, his nose was not happy with it. Thanks for reading! 😀


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It’s so cute how he wanted you to bless him even though he sneezed a lot. I guess a lot of people would have just said to save your blesses. And great obs! He sounds super cute/hot and his misery brought out my caretaking whims. 

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Wow that is simply wonderful. If only the bf would let you record his sneezes to share with us ☺️ 

Bless him and thanks for sharing 

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Omg wonderful observation! His poor nose! I'm sorry he was so miserable, but it sounds like heaven to be dating such a sneezy person. 😍

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This is so great. thank you for sharing! What MzMental said - would be a dream to date a generally sneezy person!

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