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Hey guys so this is my first time posting and one because normally I’m never lucky enough to see anything worth writing about lol! Anyways it seems my luck has changed! To begin, a brief description of my roommate. He’s average height about 5’11 or so with kinda long wavy light brown hair and really bright blue eyes. His nose is a really strong Roman nose with pretty wide nostrils. We go to the gym every 2-3 days so he’s pretty fit too! To be honest he’s pretty good looking lol! So on Friday we were sitting in the living room and he was sniffing a little bit and clearing his throat and I was sitting there hoping he was getting sick and my wish came true! On Saturday morning when we got up he was already super congested. As soon as he said good morning to me I knew he was sick! So all of Saturday he would randomly sneeze in wet singles that sounded like “Iiiisssshhhooo” not to loud yet. Then on Sunday he was a lot worse, or better depending on how you look at it lol! Now he was sneezing in triples extremely wet and powerful, “HEEESHHHOOOOO, HeHEESSSHOOO,   ISSSSSHHHHOOOO” then he would cough for a second and when it was over he would groan and then blow his nose with a really wet gurgling sound. Keep in mind every time this happens I’m doing my best not to just stare at him with an open mouth lol! Today he hasn’t been sneezing quite as much but they’re still all wet triples and he’s still really congested and blowing his nose all the time which has brought about my favorite thing about when someone gets sick, the red freakin nose! His nose is now like neon red and he has the cutest dark circles under his eyes and  he’s so stuffed up he has to breath through his mouth but he’s also constantly sniffling and I constantly have to stop myself from just sitting there and looking at him!

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This is the cutest obs thread I have ever read -- just something about the way you wrote it! Congratulations on your roommate's cold... he sounds dreamy!!!

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Hi everybody I come bearing news! So we work at the same place and we’re both off on Tuesdays so I was excited for a day of doing nothing but hanging out and getting to watch the show lol! 

And boy was I not disappointed!

So this morning I went into his room to wake him up and he’s snoring like super loud which is weird because he normally doesn’t snore at all. So I go to wake him up and he rolls over and let’s out this adorable little cough and asks me “whad timbe is id?” It was a little past 11 which is later than he normally sleeps so he sits up in bed and then fires a super wet tripe into his comforter which is like this light gray color and so you could see where his sneezes hit and then  breaks into a coughing fit. When he had collected himself I sat on the edge of his bed an we were just talking for a minute but I was so distracted by how congested he sounded and he looked so freaking sickly I just wanted to give him a hug lol! His nose is still neon red and has started to chap around his nostrils from all the blowing! He still has the dark circles and his eyes which are normally bright blue are really glassy and he’s a couple shades paler than normal! So he finally gets out of bed and after talking to him for like ten minutes in which time he sneezed 7 TIMES!, I know he’s reached PEAK COLD MISERY!!

So we spent most of the day sitting in the living room watching tv and every five to ten minutes he’d let loose with another super wet triple and then blow his nose with a loud wet gurgle! His sneezes have gotten progressively more forceful as he’s gotten sicker and now every time he sneezes his whole body bends forward!! They’re very powerful and extremely wet “HHHhheeHhEHhHHAAAAAASHHHOOOO”, “HiiIiiIIIISSSSSSSSSSOOOOOO”, “HhhIiiittchooooooo”! And at this point he’s so tired he doesn’t really cover them he just sneezes into his lap but his chair is by the window so I can see all of the spray from each sneeze! Every-time he sneezes I have to remind myself not to just sit there with my mouth!😵🤯

But as I knew was inevitable I have started to get sick! This afternoon I sneezed a couple of and my nose stared to run just a little bit! After the third time I sneezed he looked at me and said, 

“Oh shit man, I really hope your not getting sick, I’ve been sitting over here sneezing all day I probably got you sick! Dude I’m so sorry, this shit sucks man!” 

At this I was ready for someone to come mop me up off the floor where I melted! 

“It’s ok,” I told him, “we share an apartment it was kind inevitable lol” 

“Yeah I know but I’m still sorry I got you sick.”

I told him he could just owe me one, but to be honest I’ve been looking forward to hopefully catching his cold! Idk about you guys but I love catching someone’s cold especially if they’re someone who your close to! As of now my nose is starting to get congested and my throat is a little scratchy so I can still look forward to my time as a sneezy mess lol!

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This gets better and better! And if you’re happy you’ve caught his cold we don’t even have to feel guilty about enjoying it :D 

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