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my Italian neighbors..


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My Italian neighbors,

hello everyone - I have 3 new neighbors from Italy (all male and in their mid / late twenties. They are all very friendly and accommodating).

They live next to me for a few months now. At first, they were only two - a few days ago, their friend moved in.

My bedroom is right next to their kitchen and our rooms / apartments are only separated by a wall of thick cardboard. So it means I can hear everything when they talk to each other - they just talk in Italian, they really enjoy la dolce vita, listen to music or even when water is boiling on the stove.


A few days before I was in my room and one of my neighbors, was on their balcony of his apartment. His balcony directly adjoins my bedroom and I saw he was constantly sniffing, leaning against the parapet and he was writing messages with his relatives in Italy. When he saw me, he told me that he had been ill for a week and that he was unable to work because of it. He asked me if I could help him read the package leaflet of his medication, he was not sure when to take it and of course I helped him.

It was yesterday night and I already wanted to go to sleep. My neighbors always come home late because of their work. They mostly stay in their kitchen talking and I could hear they were three..


But the situation changed because one of them started to sneeze - and it seemed he could not stop it. I noticed that it was always the same ‘process of sneezing’.

First he sneezed three times in a row, then a single one, followed by two sneezes in a row and again followed by just one sneeze.

It seemed that his body was trying to get rid of the allergen, virus or dust with small fits. When this did not seem to work, he tried a single sneeze ..
I was very sorry because he could not stop his sneezing. His friends blessed him in Italian language, or even made a joke about it but they didn’t talked to him in abad way ..

After about 15 minutes of him sneezing constantly I fell asleep because I was very tired and unfortunately I can not tell you if his sneezing was over or not. Also, I can not tell you exactly who sneezed, unless I would write for you a better description, since I have only heard it. I hope you enjoyed it anyway and I think it was the one who told me that he was ill.


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Hmmm one of my Dreams! Overhearing someone in another room sneezing and sneezing and people blessing him. Such joy! Thank you so much for sharing! 

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I’m sorry you were tired and didn’t get to hear the end of it! But yes - thin cardboard walls can have unexpected positives!

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