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Number of posts required to reach "Poster" status?


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Hi everyone,

I've just rejoined the forum after a multi-year hiatus. I'm well over 18 and was hoping to access the adult boards, but I see that only Posters and above are allowed. I understand this rule, but I haven't been able to find any information on what is required to achieve Poster status. Is it a certain number of posts? Any information would be much appreciated!


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The minimum number required for validation is 50, but that is a base minimum. It also depends on posting contribution. The staff value quality over quantity as a basic rule. It also takes into account any warnings you may have been given. Generally speaking, validation isn't granted to anyone who has any active/live warnings until they have expired. 

But the Read Before Posting section gives a lot of information on this subject, and I would recommend reading through the threads there if you haven't already :)

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There's also this post regarding membership levels :) https://www.sneezefetishforum.org/topic/62878-membership-levels/

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I feel your pain, though.  I'm just not very chatty, usually, and don't have a lot to add most of the time.  I think I've been a member for 2 years or so now, and I'm still only at this number of posts *points to the side*

Being a little shy about this stuff does not help lol.

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Word of advice, also don't be one of those people that bumps a bunch of old topics on a row with your only comment being "nice" or "cute". See the Original Stories board to know what I mean. 


Also, while I'm here, do you guys mind validating me? Thanks. :)

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I would say it depends on both quantity and quality. You should have a decent amount of posts and comments, that positively contribute to the community on this forum, plus what facet  and puddinpop said.

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