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I just found his stuff and I must say, he's quite the handsome sneezer. ❤️ His accent is sexy, too. I appreciate how much content he's made and I think he's slowly making more. He's also an avid user of chhinkni. I don't know if he's here at all, but I can't recommend his stuff enough if you like male sneezers!

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I like his most recent shower video-- I really like sneezers who are either shirtless or just have their bra on :) 

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Totally agree! He was one of the first sf youtubers I watched when I was just discovering the "weird" side of Youtube :)

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as far as I know he’s not into sneezing, he just makes the videos because people like them and he wants to make people happy. so, I highly doubt he’d be on here. 

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Hello! I do exist on the forum!!

I created an account like months ago and then never checked back in... (Sorry!) - It's seriously only my second time on here but thanks for the shout-out!

Although it's true that I don't have the fetish, psychlone hit the nail on the head - I just enjoy making videos to make others happy; it's probably one reason why I'm a magician too :P 

In regards to some of the other things mentioned, I'm still making videos (albeit slower than I should be) and chhinkni just works so well on me that it would be a shame not to use it! Also my accent is Welsh; not a very strong one at all but I'm Welsh nevertheless!

Totally not used to getting compliments or being talked about publicly in a separate area of the interwebs, but I totally appreciate it - Thanks :) 

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Omg !! This guy :') I used to enjoy watching his videos too but recently I went to visit his channel and I think he's deleted or privated all his videos

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