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I have no idea what I am doing here... lol But, I want to contribute so... no tome like the present  to jump in... hope it's okay.


Her eyes jerked open as the phone rang. Her heart in her throat from the loud break in silence, she rolled over to fumble for her phone. She glanced at the display and a smile spread over her face.

"Good morning, beautiful." Sang the voice on the other end. "Good morning yourself, handsome. How is work?" "It's ridiculous, but, it's work, right? Are we still on for dinner tonight?" She rolled over as if to pass out, obviously he couldn't see this. She felt like she was floating on a cloud. Ever since meeting Mike, Sierra's life had taken the most magical turn ever. "Of course, I wouldn't miss this for the world" He could hear the smile in her voice and that made him smile. "Alright baby, I'll pick you up at 7. Have a good day". He hung up... he never says "bye" that is a word that feels way to permenant and she knows when he's done talking he just hangs up usually.

Sierra laid in bed for another 10 minutes or so. She stretched and laid there, thinking about her most recent project. She was an author who had already self published 2 books and was working on a new romance series. She loved writing, and lately, since meeting Mike she had plenty of inspiration for this new series. She knew he was the one. All the way around, he was sweet, and kind, and caring, a true gentleman. He was considerate of her feelings, and he knew how to have fun even if all they were doing was sitting and talking, life was an adventure.

"I need to get up and get started on my day." She thought. She quickly headed into start some coffee and then jumped into the shower, wishing he was in there with her. His strong arms caressing her and rubbing her down with soap before they changed positions and-- "Oh my, where is my head at this morning" she smiled as she thought about how far her fantasies had gotten. This was beautiful and amazing... she must get this written down at once.


Mike was desperately trying to do his job. He was a quality control inspector at the local automotive plant. It was fun some days, and crazy other days, but since meeting Sierra, he had so much trouble concentrating. He was testing headlights today before they could package and ship them off, and he was behind. He looked at the half a pallet of lights that needed to be tested before lunch. "Pull it together Michael" he thought to himself. " 4 more hours until you can leave this place and get ready for tonight" He closed his eyes for a second picturing her soft light brown hair flowing around her frame. Her green eyes sparkling...

Just then a sudden sharpness hit his sinuses. He scrunched his face up. His breath hitched. "What in the world is going on here" he thought. Suddenly "Hehhh Hehhh Hehhh-atchoo iiitchew". The set of sneezes doubled him over as he sneezed into his elbow. "Wow, well that was unexpected. I wonder what got to my dose..." Mike sniffled thickly before continuing to wonder aloud "wonder what got to my nose" He let that be his cue to get back to work, he needed the time to go fast, he couldn't wait to see Sierra tonight.

At lunch, Mike called Sierra again. It had become a very normal time for him to check in on her, and get his "fix" to get him through the rest of the afternoon. "Hello?" Her sexy voice came through over the phone and made him smile. "Hey baby" he said just a bit more nasily than normal. "How's work going?" "It's goind, I can'd wait to see you tonighd" he cringed at his own words and the stuffiness that was in his voice. There was a sparkle in her voice, almost as if silent laughter as she asked "you okay? You sound all stuffed up" Mike sniffled and then cleared his throat "I'm fine, I don't know what has gotten into my sinuses, but I'll be okay. I just need to see you tonight. How's your project coming along?" She loved everything about this conversation. She loved his stuffy voice, his desire to be with her, the fact that he inquired about her project... she just wanted to melt into the bed. Now as she thought about her project and the... um... adult content that was in this project she blushed. "It's going. I am excited to see where it ends up." He smiled. He loved seeing her take more risks and really dig deep to make her dreams come true. "Okay, well I gotta get back to work, see you soon babe, Love you." "Love you more" she sang back to him. "Now to get back to my writing" she said as a smile flashed on her face.


It was 6:00. He was just about ready to head out the door. He had to run by the florist and pick up some special flowers for tonight. He was extremely excited to see her and yet he was a slight bit worried. His head ached just the slightest bit and his nose was far stuffier than it had been at lunch. He reached for the cold meds and took some. He felt bad doing this, but he also knew neither one of them would be okay if they had to wait to see each other. He almost picked up the phone to call her and make sure she wanted him to come in his condition, but, nahh... he wasn't THAT bad yet, and, besides, if what he proposed to her tonight was a yes, this would only be the beginning of possible shared ailments.

He looked himself over in his mirror, he looked like hell. Maybe it was the super late night/early mornings that meant he got very little sleep. Being exposed to his sister's kids and all their germs for 2 weeks when they came to stay with him when their mom and dad went on their honeymoon, who knows what else could have caused the condition of his sinuses, but he knew he was going to be late if he didn't get going.

At the florist he looked for the best bouquet of flowers he could find. He found a gorgeous fall assortment and picked it up. "These will be per per hehh hehh hehh Itcheww, isSSHHooo. These will be perfect" he said to the florist. "Bless you, allergies?" Hmmm... that might could work. If he told everyone he was allergic to the flowers he wouldn't have to admit that he was sick. "Yeah, but it's not tha that ba ba ba iiIITTtchew aahhCHOO. It's not that bad" he sniffled and rubbed at his nose. "Bless you. You are truly a gentleman and a keeper. That special lady of yours sure is lucky" He grabbed the flowers and headed out to see Sierra "I can't wait to see the look on her face when I give these to her".

Ding Dong. The doorbell rang as Sierra's heart did flip flops, she was so excited to see him, but "I need to look just slightly less eager to see him, He'll think I'm crazy if I run to the door and jump in his arms" for what it was worth, he'd have never thought she was crazy, and at times he himself held back the urge to just sweep her up in his arms and never let her go.

"Hey baby," she said as she flung the door open. "How are you doing???" He whipped the flowers out from behind his back "the these aaa hahh ahh chooo, ehhhshooo these are for you" he managed to sneeze openly to the side as to not sneeze directly on her, and then rubbed his nose vigorously with his finger her heart fluttered and then crashed into a wall with panic.  She knew as soon as she saw them that those were really the only flowers she was quite allergic to. She looked at him probably longer than she should have, before grabbing them from him. I'll put these in water, come on in." She ran into the kitchen. Maybe she could put them in water for now and leave them on the window sill with the window open. Maybe that would help ease the reaction.  "These are be be be hxnnngt hnnnght hehh nggght beautiful" Mike couldn't tell what was going on in the kitchen, but he new the pauses he heard were not normal "are you okay in there baby?" Mike called out as he began to stand up to head to the kitchen and check on her. She was bent down looking in the cabinet for a vase. She had never told him about her allergies to most fall pollen, and now she wished she would have. He was so sweet and she couldn't let him know that his thoughtfulness would be her missery. She heard him come in and panicked. "Hey, you need to go relax, go on I'll be out in a min...." she trailed off as her breath hitched she spun so her back was to him, took a deep breath and brought her hands to her nose pinching it. She managed to completely stifle the 2 sneezes that came rapidly before spinning around and noticing Mike still standing in the kitchen doorway. He'd seen the whole thing, but didn't let on. "Okay, well, as soon as you are done in here we can..." He didn't even get to finish before he was distracted by the most adorable pre sneeze face he had ever seen.  She was completely scrunched up, hitching, before "HehhTchoo AtCHOO" there was no hiding that set as she sneezed into cupped hands. She let out a tiny groan and ran to the sink to wash her super messy hands. Completely embarrassed and wanting to be swallowed by the earth she dried her hands off and then filled the vase up, quickly sticking the flowers in and up on the windowsill.  "Tada" she pointed to the flowers as she turned the water back on to wash any pollen that may have gotten on them off of her hands. "Now, let's go". 


That is as far as I have gotten for now. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes though. Thanks for reading ☺

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