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Profanity Usage?


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When posting original stories, is profanity/ curse words allowed? I saw something about it in the guidelines but can't tell if it's strictly prohibited or just "try not to."


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As someone who has a fanfic literally titled "These Fucking Allergies", I sure hope it's allowed! :lol: 

Yes, it is allowed, but as profanities usually look stronger in writing than they do in speech, and all in all, things sound nicer without profanities, it's encouraged to avoid it. If it's REALLY strong language consistently, a language warning in the beginning can be a good idea. :thumbsup: 

Which I now realise I don't live up to myself. Oops… :bag: 


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I use profanity in my writing. Most of the books I've read that were written after 1970 contain at least a little bit of profanity (and some before that period do, too, but that seems to be when it became more mainstream and acceptable) so to me it wouldn't look strange at all. Obviously, if you're just forcing profanity just to have profanity, it might show and worsen the dialogue, but if comes natural, I'd say go for it. It's also not against the rules of the forum. :)

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There are, at the moment, sixteen instances of profanity in the thing I'm currently writing (yeah, this thread made me curious enough to go count)—and that's probably pretty light by my recent standards, because I've been writing some pretty foul-mouthed characters. I'm not trying to be pointlessly edgy, it's just that the way a character talks can tell you something about them and/or the situation, and sanitizing it would feel kind of inauthentic to me.

Because of this, I've been including notes at the beginnings of my stories about frequent usage of expletives, so people can choose whether or not they want to read that kind of thing. I mean, I figure I should be polite even if I'm simultaneously being vulgar. :sweatdrop:

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