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I just about died of cuteness😍


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Just a little background info: I have a super intense mental block and I never sneeze around my husband. 

Anyways... Last night my husband and I were just laying in bed talking, but he had fallen asleep mid-conversation so I crept out of the bedroom to go brush my teeth. The bathroom lights are super bright, and the transition from dark to light made me need to sneeze almost instantaneously. I quickly shut the door, and stifled a completely silent but powerful sneeze. 

When I tip-toed back into the bedroom, I was still sniffling. My husband groggily rolled over, and in a sleepy voice asked "Why are you sniffling babe? Did you just sneeze?". This obviously caught me off guard because there was no possible way he could have heard that sneeze, but before I could even decide whether to confirm or deny his accusation, he just kissed my forehead, ran a hand through my hair and said "Bless you baby".

Needless to say, I melted😍


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On October 10, 2018 at 11:06 AM, Feo said:

That is so cute! Maybe it's a start for some progress un your mental block around your husband?

I sure hope so❤️

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