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The 13th Doctor?


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I wasn't entirely keen on Doctor Who regenderating, but Jodie Whitaker just absolutely sold her performance. She's adorable behind the scenes too. In particular, she talked about her wardrobe saying "I'm always cold, because my jacket is so thin." The Doctor also comments in her debut episode how wonderful her new nose is. ;)

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I'm going to have to check the new season out somehow.

BUT...my cable provider just dropped BBC America...the first worldiest of first world problems, but still.

Frankly, I'm still worried about the new showrunner more than Jodie.  I like most Doctor-actors, but Chibnall's the real x-factor here.  I've never seen Broadchurch, and the few episodes he's written for Doctor Who in the past have been...forgettable at best?  I'm not sure if he's really a sci-fi kind of guy...

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Loved Jodie, I thought her performance was amazing. Everything else I was meh on but she was great.

Definitely hoping for some stuff on her soon. :)

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