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Remains of a Cold, Wet cough


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One of my friends came to visit and she was telling me that she had a really bad cold last week, both head and chest and she had to call in sick from work for a few days in a row. I will refer to her as K. K is tall and thin, with dirty blonde hair, tied away above her head, unorganized but out of the way. She has a large mouth, small blue eyes and a short, big nose. Mid 20’s.

Today we were talking and she had a small coughing fit, 2 or 3, followed by a big, loud phlegm-ridden cough. K was silent for a second. I thought she would get up and grab a tissue to spit into, but she just cleared her throat a few times and simply said “Wow, it’s been a couple of days since I coughed like that!” I said “Well, you’d probably be better by now if you quit smoking.” and we went back to talking.

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