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Anyone interested in Dr. Cam Saroyan/Bones?


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I'm not sure why I'm posting this, but minutes ago I was determined to ask in the forum, so...

I've got a very short beginning (~600 words) for something that might or might not turn into a sneezefic. It's basically a confused and tired Dr. Saroyan/Cam arguing with Hodgins. 

Right now, I'm at the point where I have to decide which way to take - sick or not, fetishy or not - and I'm open to everything. I'm not into female sneezing in stories, I'm not overly interested in writing normal Bones-Fanfics when I have my King-of-the-Cold-project with Zack and Hodgins to work on instead, so... Yeah. But if anyone's interested, I'd like to try. I could also take some scenarios of you've got anything special in mind. 

It might take me a while to write it (sneezy Zack is so much more tempting), but since it's already started and I'm all into Bones, chances are high that I'll actually finish it. Plus, NaNoWriMo's coming soon...

Edit: I'm only at the beginning of season four (Yeah, 8 seasons behind, I know) Please don't spoiler me or ask for anything that's not happened yet :D


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I would love for you to post! I'm a big fan of Bones (it's one of my favorite shows). I've watched the series time and time again. There's not many Bones fics on here and I'd love to read your :). Enjoy the rest of the show, it's fantastic.

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Yay, a fellow Bones-fan :D I just had to order season 3-6 online, as they're not on Netflix anymore. I can't wait to see Zack again (I know he'll come back - he simply has to)... The team won't be the same without him. The series is still great, but... he's missing. 

Is there anyone you'd ship Cam with? Or do have a special scenario in mind? Anything? :DI didn't really think about it yet... It might be fun if the whole team took care of her. Or Booth, maybe? 

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Yeah, you're right... the team isn't the same without him. I like your idea of the whole team taking care of Cam. She's the boss and I know she wouldn't readily accept help and she'd put on a strong exterior like always. I hope you're enjoying the show so far! it's also available on Hulu or Amazon Prime if you had either of those streaming services. I'm looking forward to any fanfiction you've written!

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