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Slow clap for Hatchu!


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Wow! Slow clap, Grammy clap, circle clap, standing ovation, roared Encore....

I went on YouTube to find sneezes from colds, but your allergy videos were freakin fantastic! 

The breathy build-ups, the desperation, the “begging to yourself not to sneeze, DAT VOICE, rapid fits, talking through sneezing, must I go on?? I mean, you joined a very small circle in relation to allergy sneezes. Legally, I cannot say more. Plus, I’ve never given a kudos in relation to sneezes before, so there’s that. 😄

I love listening to scenarios/talkies as well and yours was awesome! Just heart-meltingly sweet, kudos-meriting, funny, and adorable.....UNTIL the end where my mouth was hanging open. Nice twist there! 😵🤩😎

And the best thing is that you enjoy sneezing, so those like me that don’t like suffering can listen without their caretaking or feeling-bad feelings trying to get in the way. 😆

Anyways, KUDOS TO YOU! Thank you for making such great CONTENT! 

*I was scanning the kudos thread to make sure I didn’t double post, and I repeated your name as I scanned down. It sounded pretty funny.

  “Hatchu, Hatchu, Hatchu, Hatchu, Hatchu, Hatchu, Hatchu.....” 😂 LOL.....I crack myself up! That’s all that matters 😁

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I believe they now use her/she as their pronouns ☺️

I have to agree with everything said. Absolutely fantastic videos, wonderful sneezes and an adorable voice. Really the full package 😁

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