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The Snowboarding Trip


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So I've had this idea in my head for a while and decided it was time to actually write it. Hope you all enjoy!


It was a cold winter morning when Rose was picking up her cousins, Ty, Josie, and Coby for their first annual snowboarding trip. They were headed out to Colorado for one week to just enjoy themselves. Or at least that was the plan...they had been texting earlier that morning and all of them seemed to be coming down with something. Rose had felt it too, a slight headache and an ignorable itch in her throat. I hope we can all shake this and have a good time. She thought before she was pulled out of her thoughts as her cousins entered her car. "Hey guys! I'm sooo excited" she said. "Me too I've been looking forward to this day since we planned it" replied Coby. Everyone smiled when Ty, in the passenger seat, leaned to his right and sneezed hHetcxng HSHOO. The second sneeze left spray. All. Over. The window. He turned back embarrassed as they all blessed him. "Gosh I'm so sorry Rose" Ty said while getting out a tissue from the box he himself had brought, wiping off the window. "I don't even know where those came from" Then Rose said "Hey don't worry about it bud. You can't help when your sneezes come, besides I'm sure we're all a little sick anyways" "yeah but you CAN control where you aim them Ty" Josie teased,  patting him on the back.


Sorry pt. 1 is short but I hope you enjoyed!! Pt. 2 to come!

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Pt. 2!!! I was so excited about this story sooo pt. 2 is here early!

(Also I don't know how to officially make this a part 2, instead of only replying to this post. Could anyone help me with this? Thankyou!)

The car ride continued with the 4 of them singing along to the radio, then talking about life and everything you could possibly imagine. 
"Ugh. All this talking is making me thirsty and *cough cough* my throat hurts" Coby said. "Yeah it is about lunch time anyways let's stop" Rose said. "Ooh I AM pretty hungry" Ty said "How about Chick-fil-A?" Rose answered "Sounds good to me is that ok with everyone else?" All but Josie answered yes. Ty turned around to face her saying "Jos, is that good with you" "yehh-hh-hold-on-hii-hiSHOO-ucHOO. Excuse be. Yeah chick-fil-a is fine with be. Can you bass me a tissue Ty?" Josie replied with much congestion. "Yeah, and bless you, here" Ty replied handing back the tissue box. 

After there bellys were full and everyone was stretched out. They began driving again. This time, Coby offered to drive. "It'll give you a break Rose, it's fine, really" he insisted when Rose had asked him if he was sure about driving. They all began dozing off one by one, first Josie, then Ty, and finally Rose. Coby, of course, stayed awake. After about an hour or so, Rose woke up, with everyone else still sleeping, Coby and Rose conversed quietly. Coby said something funny and Rose started laughing, which led to an attempted quiet coughing fit. She coughed into her sweatshirt sleeve. "Hmm you good Rose?" A just awankened Josie asked. "Yeah *cough* sorry I woke you up. Look what you made me do Coby" She said playfully punching his arm. They all laughed, this time with no coughing. Ty woke up and asked "how many more hours?" He didn't get an immediate answer because of what happened next. Coby leaned into his elbow and stifled three sneezes. He sniffled a few times more before sneezing 7 more times. Each sounding more desperate than the last. "Geez dude, bless you" Ty said. "Hey pull over I'll drive for a while." "No no, it's fine" Colby told Ty. "Well I think we want to live and sneezing and driving isn't good, here" Ty said pointing to the right "stop here, we can get gas too." Coby did as instructed and pulled over. The two switched seats while the girls went inside to use the restroom. "Coby, you good? You don't look so hot." Ty asked, sounding a little worried. "Well honestly I don't feel so hot either. While you all were asleep I couldn't stop sneezing and my head hurts because I was keeping them quiet and" he leaned away doubling over with a loud hHHEESHCHOOO. "Dang. Bet that felt good" Ty said. "You have no idea" Coby replied. "Get some rest buddy" Ty said patting him on the back. "I won't argue with that" Coby said grinning and blowing his nose. And then they were off, 5 more hours to go.

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Aw, they're all completely miserable before they even manage to get to their hotel....good...

Looking forward to more, especially from the girls!  

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7 hours ago, ZakuConvoy said:

Aw, they're all completely miserable before they even manage to get to their hotel....good...

Looking forward to more, especially from the girls!  


7 hours ago, M214186 said:

Aw what a great story 

I'm glad you are enjoying it!


16 hours ago, medstudent said:

I like it :) I can't wait to hear more! 

Great! Thanks!

14 hours ago, Feo said:

I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward  to read more 😊

Happy to hear that!

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Nice story, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading more! I like the fact that they are all sick but going ahead anyway. 

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As they pulled out of the gas station, Coby was already asleep. His mouth was agape, not being able to breathe through his nose. "Oh he looks miserable" Josie said, feeling his forehead, "but he's not hot so that's a good sign." "That's where we got lucky" Ty replied, "we all feel like crap but at least none of us have fevers. Let's keep our fingers crossed it stays that way." Their conversation was interupted by Rose's sneezing. They were not stifled, but not loud. She was turned away from everyone, leaning towards the door, face in her sweatshirt sleeve. Ishhh he'sshooo h'eeshoo hit'SHooo. "Bless you" Josie said handing her the box of tissues. "Thank you" Rose replied graciously taking the box and blowing her nose. "Ty you are so smart for bringing these, I really don't know what we would do without them" Rose said, thanking Ty. Josie rapidly reached back, taking a few tissues from Rose before sneezing 3 times. They were very wet, just like the noseblow afterwards. Het'chschoo xcshschoo HAXCHSHCHOO. The last one was louder than the rest. Josie was blessed by Rose and Ty. For the next few hours everyone was quiet, Rose read a book. Josie did a sudoku puzzle. Ty drove,  and Coby slept. But...that didn't last long when everyone was startled to hear a loud H-Het'HeSHoOoo *snff* "can I please habe a tissues" *snff*" Josie passed him the box. "Thangks" "No problem and bless you" Coby blew his nose and then Ty announced 30 minutes until they arrived. They began discussing plans for the next day, hopefully feeling up to them and where they could buy more tissues :)

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Pt. 4

They pulled into the lodge they would call home for the next week around 7 pm. Excited to get settled and rested for the next day, they all began unloading their bags while Rose went inside to get them checked in. She entered into a big open, yet very cozy room. "Welcome in!" said a young man, about her age. Rose had to admit he was pretty attractive. "Hi I am here to pick up the keys for Room, just a second- hhetschoo hhetschoo hetxng- excuse me sorry, Room 112 please." she finished, embarrassed by her sneezing. "Bless you! Room 112 okay just a second I'll go get them for you." said the cute guy whose nametag read "Will". Will went back into a closet searching for the keys. Rose still had a tickle in her nose, trying to fight it off and failing, as she stifled 2 sneezes into her elbow. Het-xng he-xnch "Bless you again, here's the keys for you and if you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to let me know. And by the way the chicken noodle soup at the cafe down the street will be great for that cold you have there. I hope you feel better and have an awesome time here!" Rose blushed, "Oh thank you. We'll have to try that soup! Everyone on this trip with me is a little under the weather even if they don't want to admit it, so thanks for the tip."  "Anytime, hope to see you around, um, what's your name,  sorry I didn't ask before. Mine's Will" Will said pointing to his nametag. "I'm Rose" "That's a beautiful name. Well I have to go help more guests but I'll see you around Rose" "Bye Will " Rose said as she waved goodbye. She was already feeling better...

Sorry it's short but at least it's something!

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On 11/25/2018 at 10:12 PM, macrotwentytwo said:

Any possibility of an update??

Kind of having writers block right now but hopefully I will finish

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