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Sneezing in Dreams


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So I got this book for fun, called 12,000 Dreams Interpreted, and I was flipping through it. I found the interpretation for sneezing:

"To dream that you sneeze denotes that hasty tidings will cause you to change your plans. If you see or hear others sneeze, some people will bore you with visits."

I just thought it was a little funny and wanted to know if any one had heard weird explanations for sneezy dreams, or if anyone had any to share! 

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I can't think of any sneezy dreams of my own, but the best explanation for sneezing in dreams is probably just thinking about it a lot.  I know that if I have something on my mind, I might have a dream about it.

Sometimes a sneeze is just a sneeze.

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5 hours ago, spooky scary sQueletons 🎃 said:

idk about you guys but i dream about sneeze because sneeze is hot 

I second that notion! 

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I have lucid dreaming where I see someone sneezing that just activates my thirst more....but that just could be because of the dry season im in...

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I'd say that when WE dream about sneezing, it has a wildly different meaning than it does for vanillas. :lol: 


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Im not a fan of those dream interpretation books.  From what I have learned, dreams are very individualized. What one thing might represent for one person represents something very different for someone else.

I am sometimes sneezy in my dreams, but that's because I am sneezy in real life and my dreams often include aspects of my real life even if they get made weird in some way 

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