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I stumbled upon this on Instagram:

If anyine could tell me when he sneezed in the actual VLive, that would be much appreciated. Because in the comments, they said he sneezed twice. :))

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6 hours ago, NightmaresForever said:

OMG! thank you for posting this! In the Vlive he sneezed at 13:35, and I'm watching through it to see if I can find the second one, I'll edit this comment again if I find it.

Edit: FOUND IT! It's at 38:19 in the V-live, https://www.vlive.tv/video/94185

I found the first one before you commented! Thank you for finding the second one!

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Omigod I think this is the clearest and (in my opinion) best snzes we've heard from him so far! Thanks so much for the time stamps!!

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This is adorable! I saw part of this vlive but I guess I think I exited before the sneeze happened... thanks so much for uploading!

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