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My Current Cold


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So I've been sick since Tuesday, probably caught a cold from my younger brother or from someone at work, I probably predisposed myself to it because on Monday night I left my room a bit cold, but it wasn't too bad since I could still sleep okay, but the next day I woke up with an odd feeling in my hurt. I didn't think much of it, I thought that maybe I just needed water but as the day developed, I began to get really congested and leak out of my nose. I kept blowing my nose and rubbing it in paper. I got home, took some medicine but aside from being exhausted from the day, I also felt loopy from the cold and the medicine. I started to have some pretty incoherent thoughts and some crazy ideas about projects that I'm working on. I even texted them to the people I'm working with. They didn't even bat an eye. 

Yesterday I felt better overall, I wasn't leaking as badly but I was congested all day and coughing a little bit. Very tiny, almost inaudible coughs. Today I'm still pretty congested. I feel a little bit weak but I just spent almost two hours standing and talking in front of a class. I can still live through the day, but I definitely feel myself in "power saver" mode. The good thing is that I can go home early today. I usually don't get sick so quickly but we had some pretty rough changes in temperature over here. I took some Vitamin C supplements a couple of weeks ago and they've helped me deal with it. Colds, allergies and the flu can get brutal so I know I'd be a lot worse off. 

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Something I forgot to comment: I should say that being more comfortable with my fetish has also made me be more comfortable with letting people see me sick. I'd still prefer they didn't, but I'm not so afraid of grossing people out anymore. I know that at least now there could be someone who looks at me and feels more attracted than repulsed, and more willing to help making me feel better! 

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Thank you for the good observation! How do you feel today? Are your cold still prominent?

I like the thought of you teaching with the cold!! Did you sniff, cough or sneeze in front of the class? Did they notice your cold and/or did someone comment on it?

Thanks again ☺️

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Hey Feo, I will answer your questions per chronological order : p 

I'm sure I sniffled and blew my nose a couple of times. I don't think I coughed, but I did clear my throat more than once, making one of those wet throat-clearing sounds.  Someone may have noticed me looking a bit under the weather but no one commented on it. 

Last night I went to bed but I was so stuffed up that I was having trouble breathing while trying to sleep, I decided to take medicine and then went to bed, sleeping without a problem. I woke up at around 6:00am but I didn't really feel like getting up, so I slept some four hours more. I usually do get up at 6 but I decided to sleep in more because I probably needed it. I feel rested, but still very stuffed up. I've been blowing my nose a couple of times.  I'm coughing a little bit more now but not so much and they're just tiny coughs. 

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2 hours ago, Feo said:

Thank you for your answer and update @Travel! Hope you feel better now! 😊

Thank you! As a matter of fact, I am! I'm still a bit stuffy but I'm breathing a lot better than I was. I have a bit of a cough but nothing serious. I feel some slight sinus pains but nothing really that bothers me, I just hope they don't get worse. Also, there's this funny thing that sometimes happens when I'm congested from a cold or from sinusitis that if I breathe out, my sinuses/my nostrils make a creaking noise. I've heard it's because the cavities are congested. It's a bit funny but very interesting to me. I can see why others might find it weird or gross though, but to mean, it's like a sound of relief after being so tightly congested. 

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So I did get a bit of sinus pain as the day progressed. I usually take cold medicine or a Tylenol/Advil Sinus but I didn't have either. I did have Paracetamol and my sinus headache ended up going away within minutes. With any of the others it can take a while, but not with this. I'm still a wee bit congested but I feel a million times better. I ended up writing a total of 40 pages for something for school yesterday in order to catch up, so clearly I have my energy back. I still wish I didn't have to catch up since there's other stuff I'd like to do but oh well. 

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