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The Haunting of Hill House Request


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If any of you all need a horror series to binge for October, I highly recommend the new series on Netflix, The Haunting of Hill House. I know it's gotten pretty popular, and sometimes people are wary of popular things, but I'd argue that it's popularity is not without reason. I binged it over these past few days, and it definitely should be considered a gem in the horror genre. The horror in general is pretty good, although there were a few special effects that took me out of the moment. What I really enjoyed though was that this series wasn't just about the horror. It told a genuinely compelling and heart-wrenching story as well. Plus, the cinematography was just excellent in general. Some of the shots they got were just awesome. In one episode, there was this like 15 minute continuous shot with no cuts that was just gorgeous. So yeah, if you're searching for a show to binge for spook season, you can't go wrong with The Haunting of Hill House.

For anyone who's seen the series, I would be sososo very interested in reading absolutely anything with either or both of the Crain brothers, Steven and Luke, two incredibly attractive but troubled young men. If anyone's willing to write anything for me, feel free to comment or PM me, and I'd be happy to elaborate on my request! I am open to collaborating, although with school right now I can't promise I'd have much time to. I'd also be up to trade if anyone else has a request that they'd want me to fill in return, but again, because of school I wouldn't be able to get around to it until winter break. I'd really appreciate anything being written at all, even if it doesn't end up being finished!

Anyway, I really hope someone ends up writing something for this series, but either way I might try to get something out there when I have time during winter break. And yeah, comment or PM me if you're interested!

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Hey sorry, I wish I could help you with this but I just wanted to say I endorse this request because I loved the show. I'd personally like to see something involving the sisters. Just like you when I have a bit more time, I'd love to write something. 

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I personally don't read or write any fanfic, but I would read the hell out of a Theo story. For the woman who feels everything to get a mind numbing cold. I would devour that. 

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