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Mental Block Progress


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As some as you already know, I have a HUGE mental block. Besides my family, it's been years since someone has heard me sneeze. I've been with my husband for three years and married to him for over a year, and the only time I sneeze with him in the house is if I silently stifle in another room. 

Anyways, yesterday I felt a sneeze building so I crept out of the living room (where my husband was) and into the bedroom. I didn't even have a chance to shut the door when the sneeze came, but I wasn't even that concerned because my stifles are usually completely silent. However, something strange happened this time... 

I'm still not even sure how it happened because I've NEVER sneezed like this in my life, but what was supposed to be a silent sneeze turned into a super girly and audible three-syllable stifle with a vocalized "ahh" and "choo". Even the stifle itself sounded like a true stifle (as opposed to silent nothingness). It was honestly the cutest little sneeze that's ever come out of me; it was so odd! The TV was on pretty loud though so my husband didn't even hear it... Ugh. One step closer though, right??


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That's awesome! It sure sounds like progress to me! Maybe your mind recognized that he probably wouldn't hear you anyway? Either way, forward progress is good!

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Yeah, I'd say this counts as progress, subconscious or not.  I bet your husband would have thought it was adorable, too, from the sounds of things.  Hopefully you have more progress in this area in the future.

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Great progress, I’m sure your husband would’ve thought it was adorable! Good luck with future opportunities! Keep us posted 😊

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