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Hi I think I might be getting a cold. I woke up this morning really tired like I hadn't slept at all. I thought it was weird because I got 8 hours but it was Monday after all. Then as the day went on I could tell I was more fatigued than normal (even for a Monday). Later in the morning I was walking to my first class and had a huge sneeze! I was actually kinda worn out by it, it took a lot of of me. I also developed an annoying headache that lasted all day. Later when I got home I started to get a runny nose and couldn't stop sniffling. Currently my head feels stuffy and my ears pop every time I swallow. I've been really stressed and busy with school so I wouldn't be surprised it I did get sick. I will keep you updated.  

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I'm sorry to say but you do seem to be getting sick. I just got out of a cold and I know how those cold sneezes can suddenly knock you out. Rest up, drink chamomile or green tea with honey, take some medicine. I hope you feel better very soon! 

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35 minutes ago, Travel said:

I'm sorry to say but you do seem to be getting sick

I quite agree, sounds like the beginning of a head cold to me. I recommend a sinus rinse if it gets too unbearable. They work wonders for relieving sinus pressure. Lots of orange juice, tea and rest. Hope you feel better soon! 

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