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So what are your main and prefer characters from your fandoms (your favorite shows/movies/games/ect) do you like seeing sneeze the most than any of the other characters that are from the same show/movie/game/ect which the character is from? List them here!

Also it can have characters that already sneezed and characters that did not sneeze yet you do wish they did sneeze.

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So, my favorite shows atm are Gotham and Supernatural. 

I’ve been totally obsessing over Edward Nygma (Corey Michael Smith) and Sam Winchester. My bad, sometimes I feel like I’m still 14 years old, but I enjoy so much creating scenarios in my head about them and it doesn’t hurt anyone  so I guess I’ll continue doing it forever! 

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My favourite TV show is Westworld, and the character I would most like to see sneeze is Theresa (season 1). Dayum, that woman has such a sexy nose! :dribble::inlove:I'd also like to see Charlotte and Clementine (both seasons), and Judith (season 2) sneeze, but I'm far less interested in them; Charlotte and Clem because they're a bit too young for my general taste, and Judith because her character is built on being a victim. But she's played (incredibly well) by Sela Ward, whom I happen to think is very attractive, so... ^^ Oh, and there's a lady in a very small role, more of an extra, who looks ridiculously much like my real life crush, I might have fainted if there had been a sneeze from her. :drool: 

I used to be totally into Criminal Minds, but I left the show for good after season 11. Up until I left, the one character I desperately wanted to see sneeze, was Blake (season 8-9). For lack of her, I'd prefer Prentiss, but I don't have an actual thirst for seeing her sneeze. 

Loved Star Trek: Voyager, and would have been crazy about seeing a Janeway sneeze. And to some extent B'Elanna, but if I could get any sneeze, I'd want it from Janeway. :lol: I'm totally uninterested in Seven though, and her very character was created to be the hot one, so... I have a feeling I'm doing this wrong. :lol: 


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I guess I'm fairly into the Arrow-verse shows.  Over in Flash, I wouldn't mind seeing Caitlin Snow sick and sneezy, especially since her alter ego has ice powers.  Supergirl was also fun in that one episode in season 1.

I also like the Marvel movies.  I guess Black Widow would be the obvious choice there.  Though, I think someone could do something fun with Shuri from Black Panther or maybe Scarlet Witch.

I'm into anime, too, so...I guess any given harem anime would work, lol.

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I'm obsessed with Marvel right now, and the only complete story I have written in that fandom features Black Widow and Loki sneezing (with a couple incidental sneezes from other characters). That said, in my daydreams and unwritten drabbles, I keep playing around with Captain America. One, he's gorgeous. Two, I can imagine him being a couple different interesting ways about catching a cold - totally straightforward and soldier-like about it, or all complicated and in denial about it because he spent his whole life being weak and sick before the super soldier serum, and he doesn't ever want to feel that way again.

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