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Autumn Sick Days: Self Obs


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It really sucks to have my first notable obs be of me from around May 2017 till now, but I suppose it can't be helped sometimes.

So from the last few days, I've accumulated an annoying sore throat, a stuffy/runny nose, headaches, and of course more sneezes lol. Each time I've been waking up to a really stuffed nose and a sore throat, had to blow it a couple times to clear it out, tried drinking a bit to help my throat, then it's back to bed before work at night (I work with freight), where I pretty much have less control over what happens, so just chaos..

I'm supposed to scan and stack as quickly as possible, but every once in awhile  a huge tickle in my nose forces me to stop for a moment to wait out each sneeze..minimum with my hand grabbing at my the collar of my shirt 'till it happens, then I just head back to work. Every once in awhile of course my nose will run, so I head to the restroom to blow it, and grab a little extra in case it happens again, and you'll see my regular sick day at work. Sniffly, sneezy, coughy, and achey. Tonight was worse.

For whatever reason after sleeping for 6 straight hours I was still feeling pretty unrested and completely unchanged. I couldn't fall back asleep before work, I knew today was going to hit me.

Each time I had to sneeze this time, it was pretty much at least a double. Strange how I never felt any sort of tickling near the other scanners, but these sneezes were much wetter and intense than ever. I was definitely slowing down noticeably because I kept having to blow my nose during sort and tried to get this day over with.

Work was a little rough on us today though, so after the sort, I was pretty much ready to head to the car to try to go to sleep, since I work part time with a full time relative.

Walking back to the car.. the weather was cool, a bit breezy, I felt a huge tickle when approaching the drivers door, and as soon as I turn on the car, another absolutely intense sneeze came over me, in which I used my elbow instead. Getting on my way to the passenger side, I caught another one, and I knew I'd have to use a few tissues I brought with me in case my nose got runny again.

For whatever reason though my nose got stuffy instead, so there was no chase of me falling asleep. My nose kept me awake, and actually tickled me, the stuffiness, and I ended up catching at least 10 intense wet ones during my wait, with each sneeze clearing me up and allowing me to blow my nose, all the way up until it was actually time to drive off, in which my nose was clear again and manageable, causing no tickles until I get home. Such chaos..



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11 hours ago, Alabaster said:

Bless you! I  hope you feel better soon.

Thanks. So do I lol.


8 hours ago, Kimberly said:

Awww. Bless you a ton!!! Hope you get feeling better soon, working sick sucks!!! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

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