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Hmmm....regarding the simcast


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Ok...thinking bout the animations and interactions....this has me thinking that

A ) The simcast HAS our fetish


B ) They are aware theres fetishists that plays their games....

anyone else also had this thought?

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I've fallen off the Sims bandwagon for a while, but this sounds interesting... mind putting some more details so those of us out of the loop can get back in???

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If they were fetishists or knew about us they wouldn’t have made it so damn hard to get Sims sick lol! (In the Sims 4)


In all seriousness though, it strikes me as pretty vanilla and coincidental. If they had an actual reason for it, there would be more of it.


Unless I’m missing something lol I’m mainly thinking of illnesses and the flower arrangement table and the allergies that I don’t believe are in the Sims 4 but were in TS3 (and others?).

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Well there are like 5 different animations for sneezing with different sneezes....and then theres allergies and feeling germy in sims 3...and sims randomly get sick in GTW and can get sick by being cursed...and one of the sicknesses is Ancient Curse of Sneezes....hmm...now I am hoping we get an chikni animation or interaction 

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i feel like these are just More Ways They Can Make Sims Like Real Life and they are not including them for fetish reasons.

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it's not a fun thought to me honestly! i would find it super creepy if it was true.

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