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Or however it’s spelled lol

very excited that I just bought my first bit of it and it should be here next week. Can hardly wait!!!

instructions on how to use it??

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I haven’t used it myself, but I’ve read enough about it that I think I can explain it.

You basically take a small pinch (most people call it a pea-sized amount) and inhale one in each nostril. Then you just wait for it to kick in, simple as that.

From what I’ve heard, it tends to work different for everyone. You might have to experiment with it a little to find what works best for you. Someone who has used it themselves could probably give you better advice, but I hope I could at least give you the basic idea!

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just sniff a tiny pinch rlly lightly, a pea sized amount is like 2x as much as u need per nostril actlly, and u don't wanna snort it up into your actual sinuses bc that hurts like a @#&%^! it takes about 5 seconds to kick in usually. u can absolutely get desensitized to it if u use it too often also, so i recommended trying it like every 2 weeks at most tbh? or else it's going to lose its wow effect rlly fast. that said the wow effect is real. have fun & good luck! also no one told me this but it expires in 2 years so if u have a ton and u have any fetish friends u may wanna give them your extras bc idk about u but ok the site i got mine from gave me like 5 vials & i only wound up using abt 3/4 of one of them in that amount of time. it doesn't like, have any ill effect on u after it expires but it also just doesn't have any effect at all at that point either lol. i was so mad when i found out :lol:

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