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Coworker is sick


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So a woman I work with has a cold right now. She always stifles her sneezes, but she normally only sneezes once. During this cold, she’s been sneezing pretty frequently and has a box of tissues on her desk. I love sick people carrying around the whole box. She also sometimes has a very tired sigh when she’s done with an intense fit. She’s also pretty cute and I think she feels awkward about her cold. 

The best observation of this cold is when she had a really big sneeze and it was a little too wet so her nose was dripping. Not a lot, but a little bit. Just enough for me to still like it since I’m not a huge mess fan. She’s is very hygenic, which I appreciate because I hate being sick myself. But I do hope she’ll be sneezing more because I rarely have noteworthy observations! 

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Poor girl.  Take care of yourself so that you don't get it too.

Sick people carrying a whole box of tissues IS kind of appealing, for some reason.  Wonder how many boxes she's gone through?

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