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I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the Purple-Red Scale of Attraction (https://m.imgur.com/gallery/hPuGKes) but it's basically a more comprehensive version of Kinsey's. 

Anyways, regarding the attraction types addressed in this scale (A-F, or Aromantic Asexuality to Hyper Sexuality), to what extend to you think the fetish influences your level of sexuality (and why)? For example, I think that if I didn't have the fetish I imagine I'd fall into the Secondary Sexuality category, but I consider myself to be more so in the Primary Sexuality realm due to the intensity of the fetish.

What's even more interesting to me is that when I was first introduced to this scale (before I joined the forum), I naturally assumed that anyone with a fetish would be ranked D or higher on the scale. After joining the forum I learned that this is absolutely not the case. I know that some of you have little interest in sex, and there are some of you that are completely asexual. Sorry to ramble on, I'm just so interested in this topic and I'd love to hear some other thoughts and opinions on the matter. 

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I've come across the scale in the past when I was exploring my bisexuality-- I'd say my fetish doesn't really change where I am on the scale for extent of sexuality, but I still do consider it to be a large part of my sexuality and what I'm attracted to :) 

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i don't think my fetish influences my sexuality at all, just supplements it!

though if you'd have asked me a year or two ago i would've told you the fetish practically replaced it. because i was stuck on thinking of sexual attraction meaning heterosexual sexual attraction--bc of a lot of societal factors and expectations i had of myself bc of that i never even let myself consider my attraction to women as "for real" or "meaningful" or as "counting."

it wasn't until this last year that i really allowed myself to look at that attraction and explore it and allow it to count and mean something.

And a funny thing happened; once i started allowing myself to examine it, i discovered that i'm not actually ace at all! i'm a big lesbian! and that rather than the fetish replacing my sexuality as i'd once thought it had, it turns out actually it was just something that was "safe" for me to recognize i was attracted to, and once i realized i'm a lesbian i didn't have to rely on it as the only thing that got me all hot under the collar.

and once i realized i'm a lesbian i also noticed that i'm much much more i to women sneezing than i am into men sneezing. which i should have expected! but it was a surprise that came to me right around the same time as i allowed myself to stop forcing myself to see things in men that i could potentially find attractive (which was a trick i'd been pulling on myself since middle school in order to fit in and to fit the expectations i had absorbed from society about my life.)

but yeah so it turns out the fetish doesn't have any influence on my sexuality at all after all! It's just a fun & hot bonus in my life. 

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This scale does not really speak to me. I guess I would consider myself a level E but the description is limiting. It just really depends on the relationship. Sometimes I have strictly sexual feelings for someone and sometimes I have romantic ones too. Sometimes I want companionship from someone and then eventually find myself wanting to have sex with them. Other times I have pure lust that turns into something more. 

I don’t know that my fetish really impacts my sexuality in terms of this scale, but I do think I am aroused more often because of it. Hearing or witnessing a good sneeze is just as arousing to me as engaging in a sexual act with someone I’m attracted too. And sneezing is something I hear and witness all the time. So maybe the fact that I’m turned on more of the time than I otherwise would be without the fetish makes me a more sexual person. 

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It kinda lost me at the point there was nothing between "only likes sex as part of a relationship" and "is all about the sex and doesn't care about anything else" because there is definitely an inbetween stage there in my opinion.  But that's the thing about trying to define sexuality.  It can work for a lot of people or maybe even MOST people but I don't think there is a way to conveniently fit in ALL people because there's a LOT of people out there being all different and individual and stuff.  But it does try to be comprehensive, so that's pretty cool.

For me I think the fetish is outside my sexuality or secondary to it.  I enjoy the fetish and can experience it very intensely but I don't find it necessary for sexuality or attraction.  It's a bonus but it could very easily lift out (though I would prefer it if it didn't!) and I am pretty sure would still experience sex, sexuality, attraction, and relationships in almost exactly the same way.

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