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I don’t normally post obs unless they’re very good ones and worth sharing. And this one definitely is.

I was at the checkout paying for my shopping at the supermarket. The kind of conveyor belt checkout that is attached to another one on the other side so the clerks sit back to back to each other in the middle. However, the checkout on the other side was closed. As the girl serving me is scanning my items another girl comes over to start her shift on the other checkout. She was tall, slim, had long blond hair and around 19 years old. Very pretty. She walks in behind the girl serving me and before she can sit down “Ahhtcheww”. She sneezes. It was strong and very wet sounding, followed by a little sniffle. She managed to cover it with her right hand cupped around her nose and mouth as the force bent her over slightly. As she sat down she turned to her co worker, who was serving me, and quietly asks “do you have any hand sanitizer” to which she gets the reply “no sorry”. Then a customer arrived at her checkout so she squared up her seat ready to serve them and quickly wiped the spray off her hand on to her right thigh as a last resort. She then served the customer as normal with them blissfully unaware of the germs in her hand.

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Thanks for sharing!

I guess what you don't know won't hurt you...unless it gets you sick.  You would think that they'd keep hand sanitizer underneath the counter, though.  I guess she's lucky most people didn't notice.

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