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Uncontrollable Midnight Sneezes (F)


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Uncontrollable Midnight Sneezes (F)


Clarissa leaned back in her chair, stretching her arms up and over her head, feeling life return to the tired muscles of her back. She yawned hugely, her beautiful green eyes squeezing tightly shut with the effort and tiredness that filled her. In the flickering light of the oil lamp, her pale features shone luminously in the midnight gloom of her study.

Coming out of the yawn, Clarissa let her eyes wander over the inked pages of manuscript spread across the desk in front of her. She had been working for six straight hours, the chiming of the clock in the hall outside allowing her to mark out the time subconsciously as the night progressed. No further sound disturbed the hush that filled the manor, save the dusky whisper of the wind prowling the eves.

She ran her hands down the tight confinement of her corset, breathing in deeply to chase away the sleepiness that was enshrouding her, and felt the tight pressure of her body expanding beneath her hands. In and out, her décolletage rising and falling in the shifting shadows. The light suddenly dimmed, flickered; flared suddenly and then sunk to a spark. Clarissa sighed. She still had more to do, at least another page to meet the quota she had promised her publisher by tomorrow, and to do that she would need more light.

Pushing back her chair so that it grated awfully across the flagstones, she leaned over the oil lamp. The wick was only the merest stub, the flame dancing tenuously across its tip and she reached for the knob to provide more.

All at once she received a sudden gust of heat and soot from the lamp, the heady aroma of burning oil, which slipped unstoppably up her delicate nose. ‘Oh my,’ she gasped, feeling a growing prickle working its way deeper into her nostrils. ‘That’s going to make me sneeze for sure...’

Clarissa’s sneeze built rapidly, her head tilting back as the wonderfully delicious sensation of the need to release it came burning through her nose. Her full bosom swelled dangerously at the top of her corset, her red tresses tumbling back over her shoulder. Alone as she was, she felt neither need nor desire to cover it, and so allowed it to come with its natural full-force.


Clarissa arrested her forward movement with her hands on the desktop, sneezing forcefully over the top of the oil lamp. Despite the glass shade to protect the flame from draughts, the gust from her uncontrollable sneeze somehow worked its way into the mechanism and extinguished the flame, plunging her into midnight.

In the darkness, Clarissa felt another sneeze tingling through her sensitive nostrils. Goodness, she thought woozily. That soot really has got to me... this one feels like it will be colossal! Braced as she was against the desk, she gave a quick series of high-pitched gasps, each one slightly higher than the other, and the hallmark of her larger, more desperate sneezes.


Enveloped in the veils of night, Clarissa somehow felt more inclined to allow herself to sneeze more fully. As if it was more secret, more personal. She opened her eyes and could see nothing, save a thin line of filtered starlight which marked where the drapes met in front of her desk.

‘I simply must get this lamp lit again,’ she muttered, patting the leather inlay of the desk, feeling the rustle of papers as her hands quested for the box of matches she knew she had left there. Her fingers found it and, suppressing a shiver in the sudden chill, Clarissa reached, found a match and struck it. Shadows leapt hugely around her, a giant flickering silhouette of Clarissa loomed across the wall. Holding steady, she reignited the lamp and blew out the match. Smoke wafted in sinuous trails through the steadily growing light.


With no warning, Clarissa sneezed again, triggered by the tantalising particles of smoke. Breathless, she inhaled hugely through her nose and realised instantly that it was a mistake. ‘I...I...need to...’ she spoke aloud, hoping that forming words would somehow manage to prolong time before which she would begin exploding with an uncontrollable fit. Much as she enjoyed the sensation of a good, satisfying sneeze, her fits could be both exhausting and at times exasperating.

‘I must .... not ..... oh my.... sneeze,’ she continued to gasp, the building tumult of sneezes detained, yet building in force and urgency. She placed one hand upon the heaving contours of her breast, the other in place to steady her with a firm grip upon the desktop. Her dresses rustled as her body swayed in time with the rising need to sneeze, her lips pursed as her tingling nose seemed almost to take on a life of its own, flaring and itching unbearably.


The first sneeze burst from her, her face a perfect picture of scrunched up sneeziness. Her green eyes were shut, her red hair in tousled disarray.


Clarissa sneezed again, bending forward so that her hips and derriere pushed proudly against the tumbling satin of her dresses and sent the chair screeching back still further across the stone floor. But she was not done yet...


...for the next sneeze came barreling out of her, and exploded across the desktop. Pages of her manuscript fluttered in confusion like pale bats, winging their way backwards and forwards until they settled in confusion and chaos.

‘Oh no, I simply must try and stop...aaaahh...’ It was to no avail. Clarissa felt yet another sneeze coming as her nose sought to clear itself of the tingly smoke sensation. In her present predicament it was unthinkable that she could make use of either hand to pinch her nose or cover her mouth. She simply had to steady herself, and she dreaded to think what her powerful bosom would do to her insubstantial corset without the restraint she was providing. In the lamplight, her glittering eyes glazed, her mouth opening and inevitably...


...yet another sneeze rang out, deafening in the small study. Clarissa knew that the sound of her fit was probably to be heard several rooms away, and she hoped that the other members of the household were deep enough in slumber to remain asleep.

To her relief, that sneeze seemed to have cleared her devilish nose. Clarissa breathed carefully, experimentally. She brushed her hair back from her face, running her hands down to straighten her dresses. The manuscript lay in confusion and unfinished about her, but she felt to shaken and exhausted from her fit to continue tonight. Her publisher would just need to remain patient for a day longer.

Right now she needed to sleep. She lit a candle and, after blowing out the lamp, she opened the door and slipped into the darkened corridor beyond.


Really liked writing with this character, so tentatively...TBC

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All I can say is WOW! This is beautifully written. Clarissa's build ups were so tantalizing! I look forward to reading more. :D

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Omg, this story was amazing. Your attention to detail and your writing style is exquisite. And your description of the build ups is sublime. Just the right amount of sneezes (for me, that is). 

Absolutely wonderful!

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You go into such amazing details in all of yoru story and this one once again had me at the edge of my seat from how amazing it was to read, from the buildups to the sneezes to the descriptions, cant wait to see what happens next!

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Another great story by NoV. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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This was an absolutely fantastic story! Clarissa was such a pleasurable character to read about, especially the large sneezes that caused so much chaos😈 I’m always entranced whenever a character believes themselves to be finished sneezing, only for something else to abruptly set them off! Anyways, great job and keep it up...I’d love to see a part 2!

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