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Neighbour's sneezes


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I've written about this lady before but I make no excuses for doing so again, simply put, she has a great sneeze. For me It hits the spot EVERY time. 

Today I was doing some work outside and she kicked off, hence this post. 

Anyway, she is about 45 years, slim with dirty blonde hair, cut in a bob, with a fringe. Her height is around 5'6" and she's quite pretty, in a sort of cute way. 

She actually lives 2 doors from me and I mostly hear her sneeze only when she's in the back garden. (although they're loud enough to hear when she's indoors!) Our gardens are quite long and the fences tall so seeing her sneeze is a rarity, I usually just hear them.

Her sneezes are generally delivered in groups of 5, 6 or 7. The first 2 or 3 usually happen as a double or triple, with the rest strung out in singles over the following 2 minutes or so. You can hear by the slightly muffled sound that she always catches them in tissues, suggesting the build ups are long. The sneezes are what I call 3 part:  Att - esssh - ooo. They don't sound excessively wet, but they are immensely powerful and the few times i've actually seen her sneeze I've noticed they bend her right over. In those instances, I observed that she used a number of tissues bundled together in a large wad held out in anticipation of the oncoming sneeze.  The few times I've witnessed this, It really was a very erotic sight, but as i say, 95% of the time, its audio only.

She seems to sneeze quite a lot but I've never aligned it with any seasonal allergies. She may be photic, but i think she is just a sneezy person. 


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I would love to have a neighbour like this - especially given the power that these sneezes have to make themselves known from 2 gardens away :D 

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