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We Are Sick (Venom 2018, Eddie Brock)


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So I’ve seen the new Venom movie at least three times and am trying to see it again when I have a little break from school. I’ve been inspired from some wonderful stories on here as well as some of my own ideas and I decided to write this story. I hope that you all enjoy it and let me know what you think!


Promt- Eddie comes with a cold and this is how it goes with having an alien Symbiote living inside of you during this time (awful prompt overview I know, but I didn’t know how to explain it) 😂




    “Eddie, food!


    Eddie groaned as he heard the low growl of an alien symbiote thundering in his head. He lifted a hand and rubbed it over his too hot forehead before he rolled over in bed while trying to pull his measly covers over him in an attempt for some much needed warmth.


    “Eddie, we’re hungry.”


    Eddie tried to ignore Venom’s ever so present voice in his head as he took his pillow and thrust it over his ears. He jammed his eyes closed and he was just about to drift off when his voice was one again in his mind, intense and powerful.


    “I demand food! Why are you ignoring us when I am in your head?”


    “Alright, fine, fine,” Eddie huffed as he tore off the pillow from his head and it was only then that the partial sunlight that streamed from the widow seemed to scorch into his eyes and shot through his head. It turned into a dull throb and ache behind his eyes seemed to wrap around his head. “But, we’re having actually food. Nothing alive.”


    “But, we didn’t have bad people heads last night because you were ‘tired’. Now your pancreas looks very plump and delicious.”


    “Okay, gross. Don’t talk about my pancreas like that. We are not eating that right now. We’re going to have some actually food like cereal,” Eddie told Venom as he threw the covers off of him and set his feet onto the cool ground. His teeth slightly chattered now that he was outside the cocoon from his blankets.


    Venom let out a low growl of inquiry. What is this ‘cereal’? Is it like chocolate?”


    “There’s chocolate cereal I guess,” Eddie mumbled as he stood. He blinked rapidly when he suddenly saw stars. He was able to catch himself before he passed out as he started to walk forward slowly. “I have Coco Puffs. Those are chocolate.”


    “Yes! We will eat those!”


    Eddie chuckled with a slight roll of his eyes. “I’m so glad that you approve,” he muttered sarcastically as he continued forward while rubbing a hand over his face almost frustratingly. 


    He walked to the kitchen and brought out a half drank gallon of milk from the fridge before finding the cereal box, a bowl, and a spoon. He brought it over to the couch and sat down. Suddenly, he didn’t feel very hungry, but he knew that Venom would certainly act on the threat of him eating his pancreas if he didn’t. 


    “More sugar. More chocolate!”


    Eddie groaned as he felt himself before almost lifted to his feet. Just the sudden motion of standing caused his head to swim. “Fine, fine.” It was always so much easier to give him than argue with him for hours on end. He made his way over to the kitchen and started opening up random cabinets since he couldn’t remember if he even had sugar or extra chocolate. 


    Coming up empty, he sat up and felt a strange sensation deep within his nasal passage. He ran his sweatshirt covered wrist under his nose before he continued to look around. He stopped suddenly before the felt the almost painful twinge before he sucked in a massive breath unexpectedly and pitched forward suddenly.




    “What was that?! Eddie, what was that?! What is wrong with us?”


    “Calm down,” Eddie huffed before he lifted his sweatshirt and rubbed it under his nose madly. “It was just a sneeze. Nothing for you to loose your shit over.”


    Venom grew quiet for a moment and Eddie smirked as he thought that he had actually shut the bastard up. To his frustration, Venom wasn’t finished with him.What is a sneeze? I haven’t eaten any organs yet. Was it me?”


    “No you big doofus. It wasn’t you. It’s just something that humans do to expel something from their nose. It’s fine. No need to freak out,” Eddie murmured with a yawn as he stretched out his hand and decided to forgo the quest for sugar and chocolate and see if he could at least choke down some chocolate cereal to appease Venom before he even thought about eating his eternal organs. 


    Venom didn’t say anything more as Eddie walked back over the couch and turned on a movie that he knew Venom would like to just appease him for now. He started to chow down as much of the cereal as he could before he started to feel a wave of nausea wash over him and he was unable to finish even half a bowl. He shoved it aside before he rubbed his wrist under his nose again, leaving a damp spot on the sleeve of his sweatshirt. 


    “What is this mucus that is oozing from your nose? It looks like me.”


    Eddie nearly laughed out loud at how insane that Venom sounded. He had to remind himself that Venom wasn’t used to any of this and that he had to explain a lot of things. This was just one more of those things that he was going to explain a little more in detail to Venom.


    “It’s just snot. It’s not my insIdes leaking out or anything. It can happen when you sneeze,” Eddie explained before he pressed his hand toward the slight throbbing pain in his forehead. 




    “Can we not talk about this now,” requested Eddie halfheartedly. He rubbed against his eyes once more as he yawned. “I think I’m going to go back to sleep. You can keep watching this movie.”




    “Just like five minutes, okay,” Eddie requested in almost a pathetic voice that Venom couldn’t deny it. Eddie slumped down on the couch with his eyes blinking rapidly for a moment before he drifted off into a restless sleep.


To Be Continued.....

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15 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

So I’ve seen the new Venom movie at least three times and am trying to see it again when I have a little break from school.

I've not seen it but this site reeeaaallly makes me want to!

15 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

Eddie groaned as he heard the low growl of an alien symbiote thundering in his head. He lifted a hand and rubbed it over his too hot forehead before he rolled over in bed while trying to pull his measly covers over him in an attempt for some much needed warmth.

I like this, he's not saying he's sick but you know he is 

15 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

    “But, we didn’t have bad people heads last night because you were ‘tired’. Now your pancreas looks very plump and delicious.”

Ha! Since I haven't seen it, I don't know how Venom talks but I liked that

15 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

. He blinked rapidly when he suddenly saw stars. He was able to catch himself before he passed out as he started to walk forward slowly. 

I think Venom would normally pay attention her but the need for food is greater (I'm guessing)

15 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

“Calm down,” Eddie huffed before he lifted his sweatshirt and rubbed it under his nose madly. “It was just a sneeze. Nothing for you to loose your shit over.”


15 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

What is this mucus that is oozing from your nose? It looks like me.”

It looks like him? Ew lol

15 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

Just like five minutes, okay,” Eddie requested in almost a pathetic voice that Venom couldn’t deny it. Eddie slumped down on the couch with his eyes blinking rapidly for a moment before he drifted off into a restless sleep.

Aw Venom is letting him sleep. Maybe for five minutes (lol he seems literal) but still. And yay sleepy boys!

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On 11/6/2018 at 4:31 PM, ReidSeeker said:

I've not seen it but this site reeeaaallly makes me want to!

I like this, he's not saying he's sick but you know he is 

Ha! Since I haven't seen it, I don't know how Venom talks but I liked that

I think Venom would normally pay attention her but the need for food is greater (I'm guessing)


It looks like him? Ew lol

Aw Venom is letting him sleep. Maybe for five minutes (lol he seems literal) but still. And yay sleepy boys!

Awe I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it!

On 11/9/2018 at 5:52 AM, Ciuty80 said:

This is good...this is soooooo good! Please more 🤤

There will definitely be more! Don’t worry!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that are celebrating it! I had a few spare moments before I ate and I promised to update all of my stories so consider this a Thanksgiving present and I will update my Criminal Minds story today as well. I hope you enjoy more Venom/Eddie fluff!



    Eddie woke up a half an hour later to something cool and vaguely familiar rubbing at his nose. He opened his eyes before his hand thrust up to his face while Venom’s black tendrils drew back and disappeared back into Eddie’s skin.


    “Whadt are you doig,” Eddie snapped, voice laden with congestion.


    “Your nose was leaking again. I was trying to make it go back into you.”


    “You were whadt?” Eddie shook his head to clear it, finding it fuzzy as ever. He then brought himself into a sitting upright position and found that his nose was running wildly once more. He stood up rubbed his sweatshirt against his nose once more to try and mop it up. That just seemed to infuriate the slightly sore appendage and caused the tickle to spread furiously through him.




    Eddie didn’t have time to answer or even process what Venom was saying. Instead, he lifted his elbow around his face and prepared for the onslaught of sneezes that seemed to taken hold of him. “Huh’TchsShsoo! Huh’thrCHSsshoo!


    Black tendrils of goo seemed to sprout from Eddie’s shoulders and if trying to steady Eddie. Eddie tried to thrust Venom back into him as the tickle sprouted again and this time he was forced to raise his hands as a steeple over his nose quickly.


    “Huh’tRhcSHSoo! Huh’tRchssHoo! Huh’thcSShsHoo!”


    Eddie gave a few liquid sniffs in the aftermath with his gaze hazy and slightly bright. He walked over to the sink when he felt his nose seem to gush. Embarrassment washed over him as he turned on the sink with his elbows before thrusting his hands over the water and started to scrub at his hands with a slight bit of soap. He turned off the sink before he rubbed his sweatshirt under his nose to mop up the mucus that had been freely running from his nose.


    “Your body is producing excess levels of mucus secretion. We did not cause this.”


    Eddie let out a small, hacking cough into the back of his hand as he shook his head. “Dno, I dknow you didn’t, buddy.” He gave a pathetic sniffle. “Dis isdn’t adythig thadt you caused. I think I’b jusdt gedding sick.”


    “Sick? Does that mean that you will die? I do not sense that your body is under extreme duress.


    “I’b dnot under extrebe duress. Id’s jusdt a virus or bacteria or sobethig I dodn’t rebeber. Id’s dnot thadt bad. We gedt sick like dis all the tibe,” Eddie tried to reassure before Venom decided to abandon him and search for a more favorable host.    


    Venom seemed to travel under Eddie’s body and explore their new surroundings and see if there was anything that he could do about it. “Maybe eating would help. We are hungry.”


    Just the thought of eating anything made Eddie’s stomach seem to flip. He swallowed thickly. “Dno, I dond’t think thadt thadt will helb.”


    “Then what will? We must be strong again! We need meat!


    “Dno, we dond’t dneed beadt! However, we do dneed supplies. I can agree with thadt.” A frustrated noise seemed to roll in the back of Eddie’s throat as he brushed against his nose furiously. 


    “Then what do we need if we don’t need bad people?


    Eddie lifted a hand and pressed it against his forehead. “Led’s go see whadt Brs. Chen has. I’b sure thadt she has sobethig for us.”


To Be Continued.....

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On 11/29/2018 at 6:34 AM, Arty said:

Ahhhhhhh! I love Venom. He and Eddie are too precious!!! 

I love them too! Certainly my new obsession and I can’t seem to get past it!




I’m sorry for the long wait. I’m going to try and post it more regularly and I have a bit of a longer part for you. A bit of a mess warning. Hope you enjoy!





    It took Eddie longer than usual to pull another sweatshirt over his body and sweatpants on because he couldn’t brother to put on jeans. He was almost exhausted by the time that he dragged himself to the door and brought himself down the stairs. He headed into the outside and he started to shiver even though it wasn’t that cold outside in the California fall.


    “Are you sure we can’t look for bad people?


    Instead of answering in words, Eddie pitched to the side, unable to lift his hands or elbow over his nose. “Huh’tCHsSHoo! Huh’tCSHshsHoo! Huh’ThcsSHoo! Huh’tCHSSHoo!”


    The final sneeze almost bent Eddie at the waist and his nose flowed madly. He then heard someone mutter about him being ‘disgusting’ as they walked past while he continued to mop up his nose with the cuff of his sweatshirt as quickly as possible.


    “Is that a bad person? Can we eat them?


    “Dno! They’re an ignorant bastard, but we don’t need to eat them. Let’s just get this over with,” he muttered as he thrust his hands into his pockets and walked forward as swiftly as possible.


    He made his way to Mrs. Chen’s small convenience store and opened the door as it let out a small shake of the bell. Mrs. Chen looked up from some book that she was reading and her eyes widened when she noticed Eddie walking in sluggishly. 


    “Eddie, you look like shit. What happened,” Mrs. Chen asked.


    Eddie shrugged with his hands still in his pockets. “Well, you know, I just....” He trailed off as a faraway look showed in his gaze as he turned away from her sharply and lifted his elbow over his face in a meager attempt at being sanitary. “Huh’ThsSHoo! Huh’tcshsSHoo! Huh’TchsSSHoo!


    “My goodness, bless you,” exclaimed Mrs. Chen before she noticed the black goo seeming to pulse from Eddie’s body. She remembered seeing that horrible creature that had seemed to engulf Eddie and eat the man who had been terrorizing her and taking her money. She was desperately trying to not be freaked out about it, but it was a little difficult to remember that they were one. “You sound sick.”


    Eddie nodded as he kept his elbow around his face, fearful to lower it out of embarrassment. “Yeah, jusdt a bidt,” he rasped, voice thick with congestion once more. “Ub, I dond’t subbose thadt you have ady tissues thadt I could have for the bobent.”


    Mrs. Chen reached under the counter and pulled out a small box. She passed it over to Eddie and Eddie pull out a few and pressed it against his nose, nodding his thanks. He turned away from her and blew his nose wetly before rubbing the tissues up his nose and tucking it into his pocket for safe keeping before he made his way down the counters to pick up some quick supplies.


    “You should be in bed, Eddie,” Mrs. Chen called.


    Eddie pulled out some cold medicine as well as tissues, orange juice, chicken noodle soup, and some cough drops before he brought the supplies up to the counter. “Yeah, you’re telling me. Just needed to get some supplies before I turn into a recluse.”


    Eddie started to pull out his wallet before Mrs. Chen placed his things in a bag without ringing them up and shook her hands a bit. “It’s on the house for helping me with my...problem.”


    “Thanks, Mrs. Chen,” Eddie told her in appreciation as he took the bag from her. With that he headed toward the door sluggishly.


    “Get some rest!”


    Eddie shot her a weak thumbs up from behind before he made his way out of the store. He was just about to walk back toward his apartment when he heard a women scream from the back alley a few steps behind him as well as the sound of men laughing.


    “Eddie, bad people.”


    Eddie gave his head a firm sake. “Come on, not now,” he complained.    


    The scream turned even louder and he curled his hands into fists in frustration before he reluctantly made his way over to the alley in a bit of a jog. He set his supplies at the entrance to the alley before he started forward, feeling Venom seem to pulse right below his veins, excitedly preparing to show himself and acquire a meal, just when Eddie had told him that there wouldn’t be anymore bad people for a while.


    In front of them stood a middle aged white man with shoulder length hair. He had a teenage girl pinned against the alleyway with a knife pressed against her throat. “What did I tell you, Willow? You can’t keep refusing me. I get lonely,” he taunted in her ear.


    “Let go of me,” growled Willow as she twisted her shoulder from side to side.     


    The man just pressed down harder against Willow’s shoulders until she almost yelped in pain. “Why are you being so rude? Don’t you want to go home to your son later?’”


    “Please. I-I need to get back to work. Katie is expecting me back to do the dishes and they’ll notice when I’m not back,” the girl, Willow, stammered as tears started to flow down her cheeks. “And I need to get back to my son. Tommy is my world.”


    “Then all you have to do is come quietly and we won’t have any problems, will we,” the man taunted as he pushed his full weight down on her as she cried softly. 


    “Hey! Leave her alone!”


    The man looked up in surprise at seeing Eddie stand there, especially when he was half slumped over, nose running, eyes red and breathing labored with congestion. Eddie felt a pulsing of strength through him and he was positive that it must be Venom at least trying to help him.    


    “This doesn’t concern you,” the man sneered as he released the girl and twirled the knife around in his hand. The teenage took the opportunity to run in the opposite direction as Eddie slightly distracted the man enough for her to make a break for it. The man turned back to Eddie, furious that he had made him loose his prize. “You’re going to pay for that.”


    The man continued to twirl the knife around while Eddie rolled his eyes. “Venom, he’s all yours.”


    Just like that, Venom started to engulf Eddie and in front of this man stood a horrible black creature with rows and rows of sharp teeth and a snakelike tongue. He reached out and grabbed his arm, claws sinking in so that the man released the knife. The man whimpered in surprise as Venom slightly lifted him up. “Come on. I-I don’t want any trouble.”


    “You look delicious. I will enjoy your pancreas.” 


    With that Venom leaned forward and made quick work of the man before allowing Eddie back into the spotlight. Eddie grimaced at the thought of eating someone else, especially when he felt the way that he did. He felt his stomach start to churn and he took in a few heavy breaths before he slumped sideways against the wall as his head swam and started to pound.


    “Eddie, your body temperature is climbing steady past normal levels. I can’t control it.”


    Eddie rubbed his fist under his still runny nose. “Yeah, I know you can’t, bud. You’re not supposed to. The best thing for us, me, to do, is to just rest and wait this out.”


    “Does this mean no more bad people?


    “Just for a little bit, buddy. Besides, you just ate one,” Eddie argued as he headed to the entrance of the alleyway when he felt steady enough and grabbed his bag of supplies. He was more than relieved that no one had stollen it, even though some cold supplies wasn’t his idea of a great catch. 


    “I’m still hungry.


    “Then you’re going to have to wait a while,” Eddie huffed as he made his way forward with the plastic bag dangling in his hand. “Just wait until we’re feeling better, okay?”


    Venom let out a low growl. “We need our strength. That comes from meat!


    “That comes from rest. Trust me, I’ve been sick numerous times before. This isn’t new for me. You’re just going to have to get used to letting me call the shots for a bit because we are sick.”


To Be Continued....

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Love this! I really have to see this movie!

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This is really fun so far, I'm loving it. One of the best fics I've read on here. I actually wish the sequel is like this! 

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Thanks so much for your patience you guys! I know that it’s been a hot second since I added any chapters to this story, but I haven’t forgotten about it. Now that I have a bit more time I hope to be able to add some more and I have a small chapter now to add and hope to have more written in a few days. Thanks again for your patience and I hope you enjoy!





    They arrived back at Eddie’s apartment and it couldn’t have been a moment too soon. Eddie had tried to swallow a few coughs on his way up the stairs, but he hadn’t been able to fully contain them as he made his way into the apartment and started to hack into his hands. It was deep and painful in his chest and caused his eyes to water and throat to feel like it was on fire.


    “We require your respiratory system to function to create ideal symbiosis. You must breathe!


    Venom’s shouting in his head wasn’t exactly helping as he made his way to the sink and clutched the side of the sink as he struggled to breathe. “Yeah, I’m trying,” Eddie choked out between strangled coughs.


    When the fit showed no signs of stopping, he turned and grabbed a glass before setting it under the sink and allowing water to fill the glass. He chugged it down, splashing some water on his chin as he did so. It finally seemed to tamper off the coughing before he saw Venom’s head sprout out from his shoulder. His usual cold eyes were bright with concern as he seemed to purr once he came close to Eddie.


    “Eddie, okay?”


    Something about his tone of voice caused Eddie to relax. He stretched out his hand and stroked him as if he was a cat. “I’m okay. Everything is going to be okay, I promise. I just need sometime to get better.”


    “So, no food?


    “Not right now. I can’t even think about eating right now, okay? Later, but nothing alive, okay?” He gave his nose another harsh rub at his nose before the tickle resurfaced once more and he was forced to look away with his nose pressed against the cuff of his streaming nose. “Huh’ThcsSHoo! Huh’TCHsSHoo! Huh’TchsSHSoo!”


    His nose started to stream and he sniffled heavily in frustration. He was about to look for the bag of supplies when noticed that the tissue box was hovering in front of him with black tendrils wrapped around it. Keeping one hand still pressed under his nose, he reached out his hand and pulled a few of the tissues from it and brought it up to his nose and gave it a productive blow. He then threw them away and rubbed his fist against the back of his slightly bright and watering eyes.


    “What do you do now?


    “Well, sick people just sleep a lot and take medicine. It’s not too exciting, but that’s just what we do,” he replied as he set back over to the bag and pulled out the DayQuil. He debated the NyQuil, but decided it would be best to wait until later to break it out, just in case he felt better a little later and he could work on some stories that he had been meaning to write.


    Eddie pulled the cap off the DayQuil and started to pour it into a cup. Venom made a face as he pulled back. “What is that horrible thing?! It’s awful! You can’t take that! You’ll poison us!”


    Eddie waved Venom off dismissively, but Venom continued to throw his head in the way. “It’s not poison. It is for us to feel better, okay?”


    Venom shook is head once more. “Meat will help. Alive, maybe.”


    “Enough with the food. It’s not going to help. Look, we’re going to take this and you don’t like it then we’ll try something else,” Eddie suggested before he quickly grabbed the cup and took the liquid medicine like a shot. It was awful tasting and Venom seemed to shudder as he seemed to almost pull himself away from Eddie. 




    “Stop saying that. It’s not poison. You just need to chill out a little bit, okay? It’s not going to kill us,” Eddie argued in frustration. 


    Venom reluctantly withdrew back into Eddie, clearly sulking. Eddie tried not to focus on that as he headed back to the couch and slumped down. He let out a few wet coughs into his fist before he grabbed the remote and slightly dangled it in front of his own gaze. “Want to pick what we watch?”




    Eddie lifted his hands and started to rub them at his head. “Okay, okay, I got it. Just try not to yell. That hurts my head.”




    There was a bit of remorse in Venom’s voice, so Eddie gave him that. “Yeah, buddy?”


    “Will we get better,” he asked softly, as if truly afraid in all of this. 


    Eddie gave a tiny smirk. For all of Venom’s comments and hostility toward him sometimes, he really did care. He just didn’t know how to express it very well. “Yeah, buddy, we will. It’ll just take a little bit.”


    “Then we are willing to wait.


To Be Continued.....

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Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve updated. I’ve had a lot going on, but I’m back! I hope that you guys like this story. I know that this chapter is a long time in coming, but I will try to post a little more regular. Hope you enjoy!










    Venom started to notice something strange going on almost as soon as Eddie fell asleep on the couch, cocooned under a heap of blankets. While he didn’t require sleep like Eddie, he did need rest and that was what he was trying to get while watching the blinking screen in front of him with movies that he enjoyed watching. That was when he noticed the heat.


    It wasn’t just a slight heat. It was a burning heat that seemed to scorch him. While it wasn’t near fire levels it was still uncomfortable. He tried to move around Eddie’s skin, but the closer he got to the surface, the worse it became. It was starting to put symbiosis with Eddie a challenge. Venom tried to cool Eddie down on his own, but that didn’t seem to help at all.


    Venom was soon forced out of Eddie as he drew in front of Eddie’s face. He let out a low hiss as he watched Eddie snore with his mouth partially open as he snored since he couldn’t breathe though his nose, which was also running. Venom tilted his head as he watched Eddie sleep for a few more moments before deciding that it was for the better good of both of them to wake him up.




    Eddie lifted his hand bleary and rubbed it against his ear that wasn’t thrust against the pillow. He started to fall back asleep before Venom tried once more to rouse him.


    “Eddie, awake!


    Eddie tried to roll away from Venom, but Venom just retracted back into him so that his presence was even more known. “Too hot, Eddie.”


    That caught Eddie’s attention. His eyes slowly opened as he rubbed the slight crusty discharge from the corners of his eyes. “What?”


    “Hot, Eddie.


    Eddie immediately pulled the covers from him and lifted his hand to his forehead. While not exactly a true test of fever, he was sure that he felt slightly warmer. That combined with the deep ache in his bones and fuzzy feeling for his mind seemed to point toward the obvious.    


    Eddie had a fever.


    “Something is wrong. We are falling out of symbiosis. The temperature has risen above optimal levels.”


    Panic started to spread through Eddie just at the thought of anything coming between himself and Venom, especially something so trivial as a virus. He immediately stood and felt everything start to spin. This time, Venom was able to weakly stretch out his tendrils and grasp onto the couch and pulled him back. Eddie fell back onto the couch and it took almost every ounce of strength that he had to force himself to stand up.


    “I’m going to fix this. Just give me a second,” Eddie started as he lumbered toward the bathroom door, still finding it quite difficult to walk. Everything just felt so heavy and he could feel Venom starting to panic from inside of him and that wasn’t helping either of them. When Venom panicked it just seemed to make Eddie panic as well.


    He made his way into the bathroom and stripped down to his boxers before he turned on the shower to lukewarm so that he didn’t shock his body too much, but still to lower his body temperature. He stepped into the assaulting stream and let out a hiss of pain as he shifted to the back of the shower and almost fell from it. 


    “Eddie. We are too hot.


    “I know, I know,” Eddie began as he reluctantly stepped forward and allowed the water to stream over him, especially over his shoulders and head. He bowed his head forward and felt his teeth start to chatter even with Venom still in his head complaining how hot the two of them had become. Eddie tried to force those thoughts away as he started to wash off and it wasn’t too long before he started to feel Venom relax inside of him.


    Eddie reluctantly started to squirt some shampoo onto his hands and run it through his hair. He started to just enjoy the feeling of the water running down his body as he turned with soap started to fall onto the floor. Exhaustion started to crash over him from awaking so abrupt and combined with his fever it made him feel slightly lightheaded as he leaned forward and pressed his head against the cool wall.


    “Eddie. Shower then sleep.


    Eddie blinked his eyes rapidly as he brought his water covered hands over his face before coughing to clear his throat. “Yeah, yeah, I got it. Shower then sleep,” he rasped as he stepped into the water once more and tried to quickly wash the soap from his hair.


    He was just about finished when he felt a prick in the back of his nose. Eddie moaned as he lifted a hand and rubbed it furiously at his nose before it started to almost throb in agony. He didn’t even try to fight it off after a while as he stood and faced the spray before tipping his head back and sucking in a massive breath as his nose gave one more twitch.


    “Huh’ThChSShoo! Huh’RhcsSHoo! Huh’ThcSHsoo! Huh’RhcsSHSoo!


    The onslaught seemed to scrape against his throat and it sent him into a coughing spree as his nose ran almost out of control down his face. He grumbled in discomfort as he lifted the back of his hand and rubbed it under his nose. It really did nothing for it as his nose continued to run as he snuffled back heavily. 


    “You’re leaking again, Eddie. We’re making strange sounds.


    Eddie chuckled a bit before he reached down to turn off the water before he stepped out of the shower and grasped a towel. He shuddered as the cold air hit him since he absolutely refused to ever turn on the heat unless absolutely necessary since it cost so much. He closed his eyes and dried off before he reached for some toilet paper and pressed it against his nose and gave it a powerful blow. 


    He quickly filled it before he hand to grab another bundle of toilet paper and folded it over his nose before he gave another productive blow. He tossed them aside before he changed into a sweatshirt and sweatpants before he gave his hair a quick rub of the wet towel.


    “Better,” Eddie whispered.


    “We are still warm, but we can deal.”


    Eddie started to shuffle back to his bedroom before collapsing back onto the bed and promptly passed out.


To Be Continued....

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I promise that I did not forget about this story. I have just needed a little push of motivation. Anyway, I heard they’re in the early stages of starting Venom 2 and it gave me a little nudge to keep writing this story. I’m so sorry for the wait and I hope you guys enjoy it!









    Eddie awoke the next morning feeling even worse than before. His head was pounding, his throat was raw, and his nose was completely blocked. He couldn’t breathe through his nose and the pressure seemed to be causing an even worse headache. 


    “Hey, Venom, you awake,” wheezed Eddie when he didn’t immediately feel his tentacle friend moving around in him.


    It took a few moments before Eddie felt Venom started to stir. Yes we are awake.


    “Are we okay? Like I mean it’s not too hot or anything, right,” Eddie replied as he rubbed the back of his hand against his still stuffy and runny nose. That was his biggest concern at the moment was breaking symbiosis with him.


    We are good.


    Eddie let out a breath of relief as he rolled onto his back. That just made his nose seem even more stuffed up and he grunted as he rose to his feet and he was forced to breathe through his mouth as his nose started to run freely. Eddie was almost unbothered by it, but the was think that he wanted was for Venom to start to think that he was leaking or something like that. He reluctantly made his way to the bathroom while still sniffling.


    He pulled out a roll of toilet paper and blew his nose with a honk. He tossed them away before running his fingers through his sweaty hair. His entire body ached and this was the first time that he had felt pain since Venom had taken over him. “Hey, buddy you okay,” Eddie asked in worry.




    That was the only thing that Eddie hadn’t wanted Venom to say. Although, it made sense. The last thing that Eddie wanted was for Venom to start thinking that his lungs or spleen were fair game. He reluctantly grabbed another sweatshirt and traded it for the one that he had on. He tossed it aside and reluctantly headed to the door while pocketing his keys.


    Where are we going?


    “You’re smart. You figure it out,” Eddie quipped. He didn’t mean to be so short with him, but eating was not what he wanted. His stomach was churning at the thought and he knew that Venom hated giving up food. 


    Venom stayed quiet and Eddie didn’t mind. He shoved his hands into is pockets for some warmth even though they were in a very warm climate. He ignored it as he continued forward before an itch in his nose demanded his attention. He rubbed his wrist against it before giving in and turning away quickly and thrusting his head into the curve of his elbow.


    “HurhcSHsoo! HuthcsShsoo! HuhrcSHssHoo!


    He heard a mother scoff at him in disgust and pull her daughter closer to him. The daughter looked no more than seven years old. She suddenly reached into her own sweatshirt and pulled a pack of travel tissues from it with Hello Kitty on it. She pulled away from her mother’s grasp, despite her mother’s cries, and ran toward him. Eddie immediately stiffened before the girl thrust out her hand with the tissues toward them.


    Eddie took them and the girl smiled before she turned and skipped back to her mother. Eddie cleared his throat as he pulled out a few tissues and blew his nose. By the time he looked up the girl was gone.


    Can we eat her?


    “What? No,” Eddie snapped as he pocketed the tissues and continued to walk forward.


    What about the mother?


    “Dude, shut up. Let me pick our food.” Eddie continued to look around with his head slightly crammed around. He halted when he heard some muttering from Mrs. Chen’s shop. Eddie immediately stiffened when he saw two males walking in, one with a pistol tucked in his belt.


    Eddie narrowed his eyes and he could feel Venom tensing as well. Bad people?


    “Bad people,” Eddie echoed as he headed into the shop slowly. He slightly crept forward and ducked behind the magazine rack and prayed that the two men wouldn’t turn back to look at him.


    “What are your specials,” one of the men asked. He was certainly the taller, lankier one, but he had a deep voice that meant business.


    Mrs. Chen looked up from the book that she had been reading and shrugged. “We don’t have specials. It’s the same everyday,” he pointed out charismatically.


    The other man suddenly whipped out his gun and pointed it at her. “We’re looking for something different,” he snickered. “Cough it up.”


    Mrs. Chen didn’t even think about putting up a fight. This happened quite regularly and that was why she never kept too much money in her register. She pulled out the remaining amount that was in there and handed it over. The man still kept the gun pointed on her and she kept her hands up with some fear starting to show in his eyes.


    Bad people.


    Eddie suddenly stepped out as he started to emerge as Venom. Venom’s tongue shot from his mouth as he looked around. The lanky man tried to run, but Venom grasped his shoulder before he could get far. He thrust him against the ground, easily breaking his spine. He then turned to the other man and made quick work of him.


    The lanky man screamed in horror as he looked up to them. “Who are you,” he asked.


    “You worst nightmare.


    Venom lunged forward and snapped his jaws around him. He ate him as quickly as the other and once he was finished he allowed Eddie to take over. Eddie staggered once Venom allowed him to regain control and stars started to show in his vision.


    “Eddie,” Mrs. Chen began.


    It was then that everything went black and Eddie collapsed to the ground.


To Be Continued......

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On 10/2/2019 at 12:18 AM, jffangirl777 said:

love this!

I’m so glad! I hope you continue to enjoy it!





Sorry it’s been a hot second since I’ve posted more to this story. I really enjoy writing this and I really want to finish it. I managed to write a smaller part and I thought you guys would enjoy it. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!








    “Eddie. Eddie. Eddie. Eddie!”


    Eddie moaned as he felt someone slap his cheek. His eyelids were extremely heavy, but he managed to force them open for a moment. He moaned as Mrs. Chen slapped him again. It certainly wasn’t as forcefully as it could’ve been, but it was enough to make Eddie’s cheek sting.


    She stopped when she saw his eyes open and she let out a breath of relief as she sat back. “Thank goodness! Don’t you dare do that again!” She suddenly slammed at his shoulder. “Pass out in your own home.”


    “Okay, okay,” Eddie rasped as he tried to sit up before promptly collapsing agin. “I’ll collapse in my own place next time.”


    Mrs. Chen rested her hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down before he could try to get back up on his own. Surprisingly enough she was quite strong and Eddie couldn’t fight her without the help of Venom and Venom was being surprisingly quiet. 


    While his mind was whirling, Mrs. Chen leaned forward and rested the back of her hand to his forehead. “Hmm, you’re quite warm.”


    Eddie waved her off in embarrassment. “What do you know?!”


    Mrs. Chen placed her hands on her hips as anger and hurt flashed in her eyes before it was replaced with raw frustration. “I did have a daughter, you know!”


    Eddie felt like the biggest jerk after saying that. He bit the inside of his cheeks and nodded slowly. “Right, I’m sorry,” he rasped before letting out a few weak coughs against his chest since he couldn’t bring his arms over his mouth that quickly.


    “It’s fine, but you should get home,” Mrs. Chen told him as she stood slowly. She started to loop her arms around Eddie in an attempt to haul him to his feet when black tendrils of goo shot out and seemed to fuse with the ground it lifted Eddie. Mrs. Chen took a step back, not wanting to interfere with the sometimes unpredictable Symbiote.


    Venom helped Eddie stand even though he still felt light headed. Eddie rubbed a hand against his sweaty forehead before a sudden sneeze took him by surprise. “HuthcsShoo!”


    Mrs. Chen muttered something in a language that Eddie didn’t understand and he guessed that it was a blessing of some kind. He snuffled deeply as he nodded to her. “I had bedder gedt goig.”


    “Take care of yourself, Eddie, and get into bed! Tell your friend to let you rest and let the police deal with me,” Mrs. Chen told him. While her voice was forceful and firm like the strong women she was, there was also tenderness deep down in there for Eddie. While Eddie had offended her to a certain degree, she wasn’t going to push him away. She couldn’t imagine life without the never dull Eddie Brock.


    Eddie managed a small smile before Venom started to pull them forward. Eddie didn’t have the energy to fight back and he allowed himself to be dragged forward. Venom wasn’t speaking and Eddie couldn’t feel him in his head. That was never a good sign and it made Eddie worried.


    “Venom, you still up there.”


     There was a slight grumble in his head, but that wasn’t an answer. It appeared that Venom was pouting in his own special way. Eddie supposed that was better than Venom taking control of him and eating everyone in sight, so he let the silent treatment continue on. 


    They didn’t speak much as they headed back to his apartment. Once they were inside, Eddie threw the keys and started toward the couch. He was just about to sit down when he felt Venom roar to life.




    “Couch, bed, it’s sort of the same time. Besides, there’s TV in here,” Eddie replied as he reached for the remote.


    Venom flashed out a tendril and thrust it across the room. Eddie seemed more perplexed than angry. “What are you doing?”


    Rest. We need rest! That is what Mrs. Chen told us.


    “Yeah, well, I can relax and watch TV at the same time, alright,” Eddie told him as he made a beeline for the remote. He gasped it and tightened his fingers around it before sitting down once again.


    Why don’t we listen to Mrs. Chen?


    “Mrs. Chen doesn’t know everything, Venom. She’s just giving advice. I know what works for me. I feel better on the couch when I have a fever and it’s hard to breathe,” Eddie explained. It was so much simpler and less draining when he was alone and didn’t need to explain to anyone what he exactly he was doing and in what detail.


    When Venom didn’t argue, Eddie flopped on the couch with his body slightly elevated. He started to breathe a little better before his nose started to rub. He clapped his hands over his nose and blew into the tissue before crumping it up and letting it fall to the ground.




    “We don’t have anyone over! Besides, do you want to pick it up,” Eddie flashed.




    Eddie busted out in a laugh which turned into a phlegmy cough that shook his entire body. He managed to hack up a little liquid, but it didn’t bother him. He had always been prone to respiratory infections so this one was no different. “Yeah, okay.”




    “Okay, okay. I’ll close my eyes and see what happens, but don’t count on anything,” he snapped harshly. His eyes started to close and he let out a heavy sigh.


    Goodnight, Eddie.


To Be Continued.....

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