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My Sweet Adorable Boyfriend (2 obs)


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So I went to visit my boyfriend over the weekend where he’s stationed (he’s in the military)  We went to the airport for a little bit before I had to catch my flight.

We were sitting away from everyone else, just talking about our favorite parts of our weekend. I was pretty sad about leaving so he was trying to comfort me.

He’s strong and manly, but he always gets soft and snuggly with me. It’s one of my favorite things about him because I’m basically the only one who sees that side of him. 

Anywayyy, suddenly, he turned away and stifled a sneeze to his side away from me. He always stifles in public places and only lets out sneezes when they come too quickly or we’re alone.

I blessed him and he turned around smiling before he thanked me.

Then he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “perfect timing, just what you needed,” while continuing to smile and act all giddy. It was so adorable he was like a puppy that just performed a new trick. 

**One more quick obs from earlier in the weekend.**

We were snuggling in bed and he just asked me if I wanted to induce him. So I rolled up a tissue and did my thing (lol). He stifled a sneeze into my neck and started to move away, but a second later he sneezes again not stifled, but soft and kind of whispery. Idk just wanted to share 😅

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