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American Adults: have you voted?

March Hare

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yes! i voted. 

eta: it should be noted we aren't afforded the opportunity to directly itmfa, as u say. but there are a lot of senate seats up for grabs, and i'm hoping that will help.

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I can't vote because I'm not American. Luckily I know a Russian person so I asked them to influence the election.

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Phone call with my sister.

Sis: Do you look beautiful? 

Me: No

Sis: Are you voting today?

Me: Yes

Sis: Well turn around because if they don’t let you vote, you start a fight, and it goes viral, you don’t wanna be lookin crazy. 

Her friend’s place of voting was “down” until people started to report it and then it worked. 


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Voted early last week. Time to see how much of this country wants to keep barrelling toward the cliff.

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