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What do you want to see in original fiction?


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I've got some OCs I'm itching to write a sneezefic about... but I don't want to write a story that's so niche that I'm the only one who enjoys it! (Those I can just keep on my computer, not cluttering up the forms :P )

So what sort of thing do y'all like to see in an original fiction? (Certain tropes, scenarios, etc....) 

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I absolutely agree with facet, I think that's the best attitude to follow. 

But answering in a more personal manner, I'd like to see more fanfics focused on the "caretaking" aspect, especially from a female perspective. Especially short ailments like allergies and seasickness. Romance doesn't hurt either. 

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Yea, we want to see the stuff that comes out seamlessly or the idea that pops in your head and won’t go away. We want to see the stuff you have saved on your computer. But whatever the content, I’d personally like to see a beginning, middle, and end for sure and length if possible. 

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Regarding the fear of being too niche: I've read things here on the forum I previously had no previous knowledge of or interest in - fandoms I had never heard of, tropes or storylines I had never thought of or had not liked before. But certain stories and writers on here made me fall in love with these new, unfamiliar fandoms, characters and tropes. Niche does not necessarily mean uninteresting, but the possibility to encounter something new and potentially exciting :)

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