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Staff Sickness? (F)


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It’s that time of year again. Colds are rampant in our school, and the flu is even starting to make the rounds. Thus far the staff have generally been left off the virus train, but that trend just might be ending.

Me and the other teachers were taking our lunch in the department office, as usual. Across the table from me sat “B,” a very pretty woman in her early 40s with a platinum blonde pixie cut. As we ate, B sniffled softly several times, and rubbed her petite nose at least once, which was a bit pink around the nostrils. After a few minutes, B reached for a napkin in the center of the table.

“Ugh, I hope I’m not getting sick. All day, my nose has just been...”

Her comment tapered off as she folded the napkin over her nose and blew softly. Another teacher quickly offered to finish her phrase.


“Yeah, dripping.”

B then grabbed another napkin and blew her nose once more; obviously the first didn’t clear her out enough. As she blew, the conversation around the table just happened to stop. B glanced around nervously.

“I’m sorry, do you guys want me to blow somewhere else? I’m trying to be quiet about it...”

We all hastily assured her that we didn’t mind. After all, a few other teachers at the table were sniffling and rubbing their noses sporadically; these sorts of obs may become more frequent!

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“I’m sorry, do you guys want me to blow somewhere else? I’m trying to be quiet about it...”

Could be a good sign she's a honker in reality...at least loud in general in private.

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Sounds like you might have more to share in a few days when more of those teachers start coming down with it, lol.

Seems like you're pretty much doomed, working in a school and all, but all the same...good luck not catching it!

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