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sick guy in a study group


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So there was this guy at a study group at the library whom I suspect was sick.  He would loudly blow his nose every few minutes.  Most of the blows were very wet sounding, but he didn't manage to honk.  I could see his tissue gradually becoming wrinkled and soaking wet, poor guy.  He sneezed a few times, but not as often as he blew his nose.  When he did sneeze, it was in singles.  I'm not sure how a sneeze could sound congested, but that's the best way I could decscribe them.  He kinda sputtered through his lips a bit, like a "huppshoo" kind of sneeze (I really suck at spelling sneezes).  One of the girls he was with blessed him.

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Haha I'd have to be creepy and sit closer to him or ask to trade notes for a minute, or just add you could see he's trying so hard to hold it all in go over and lean over his shoulder to see something he has written down, borrow a pen, ask him to stay longer or do something else, pray he ran out of tissues, try to get him to talk about his symptoms, find ANY reason to go back to his dorm or for a ride in his car, idk.... Haha I'm mean, I'd wear him out until it was all messy and uncovered

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