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The other day while leaving work, I felt kinda congested. I went to a local Starbucks and gave my order. The line was really long, so I walked out to my car to wait for my order to be ready. For some reason, I walked to the passenger side of my car, opened the door, grabbed a tissue (from the white cube box of white Puffs Ultra Soft tissues), folded it over and started blowing my nose (left nostril first, then right nostril while bending over). The blow started off soft and a little soggy, but then, I started honking. As I was finishing up blowing my nose, I turned around and saw a cute blond-haired girl (mid-20s) standing there, as I was blocking her way of getting into her car. After I finished blowing my nose, I apologized (with the tissue still over my nose). She just smiled and said, “it’s okay”. Normally, I don’t get embarrassed about blowing my nose in public, but for some reason, I was a little embarrassed then. I also usually look at the tissue after blowing my nose, but I didn’t this time. Glad I didn’t....


What would be your reaction if you witnessed someone blowing their nose outside their car and was blocking your way of getting into your car? Would you say anything to them?

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That would depend on how daring I was feeling at the moment... lol On a normal day, nothing. If I was feeling daring maybe I'd say something but not sure what since I would have to be in that position to really know. I'm getting less freaked out by stuff, but, yeah... lol  ☺

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