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There is a new game coming that has a sneeze meter!  Got to give credit to the source I found it at. Source.

It looks interesting and it could be fun playing with that sneeze meter when the game is finished!  The meter is currently activated by dust, such as shown in the link.  When the female character crawls through the ducts, the dust makes her react and she sneezes and the guards notice her!  Sneezing while hiding is something you will need to avoid, or purposely do. ;)  Plus several other scenarios I am sure.

Hope you guys like it too.

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Interesting concept! I would probably end up losing the game pretty quickly trying to make the character sneeze haha 

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That's a really unique mechanic.  I'm not usually too keen on stealth games, but...this might fall into my realm of interest.

Never heard of the studio before.  Hopefully, it's not TOO buggy.

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