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12 Hour Colds, or Allergy Attacks?


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Hello all! I've got something interesting to share.

So, I have an incredibly resilient immune system, and I get terribly sick maybe once every couple of years (which sucks). However, over the last few months I've been getting these short...allergy attacks? But they feel like really bad head colds. Just the other day (Saturday night) my SO and I were watching a charity live stream called Extra Life (big fan of Rooster Teeth). My nose had started running earlier in the night, and as the night progressed, I got a lot of sinus pressure and congestion. I took a small pill to help with the congestion, and later on I was sneezing up a storm! I've come to the conclusion that I have to be allergic to something but I never react badly to anything. Not dust, animals, pollen, anything. There is a lot of dog hair laying around thanks to the big fluffy husky that he has, but if that was the case I'd be sneezing day in and day out? It's like every few weeks I get one of those nights/days where I'm sneezing at least 10 - 15 times, maybe more. My SO was legitimately shocked and surprised (he knows about my fetish as a quick side note). But I wake up the next day with nothing more than a sniffle!

Is this a thing that happens to anyone else?

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This happened to me about a month ago. I was pretty much just sneezing for six hours and then woke up with half a stuffy nose and that was about it. It happened twice within a week. Strange.

Have you taken a pill for congestion each time? I thought that caused sneezing. 

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Yeah, I usually take a congestion pill, but even if I don't the sneezing still sneaks up on me at one point or another o3o!

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I had short colds in the past where I felt tired and achy the first day. On the second day, my nose would be very runny and I'd be sneezing a lot, thinking that the cold was picking up its pace, but then the sneezing stops after one day and the cold never materialises itself.

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Allergies manifest themselves in different ways for different people. Everybody likes to assume it's the same for everyone, but that isn't always the case, just as it is with illness. Each person's body has a unique way of handling itself. 

If it persists, I suggest a trip to your primary care doctor or an allergist, to make sure. Maybe try taking a generic allergy medication when you feel one of these spells coming on, to see if it works. 

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