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(This is an old concept of mine, but I decided to revive it, and make it a new story, which is several logs of certain dates, explaining what is happening. It also takes place in the near future. Once the entire story is complete, I'm planning on adding a plot synopsis)



Today was a very important day. It wasn't a holiday, a celebration, or the birthday of a famous person, but it was instead a collaboration between the Kleenex brand and AirPure Inc, in an effort to make a very huge profit. However, their marketing was top notch, and they were out of new product ideas. Eventually, one person, we shall call Randy, had one idea that the corporate employees approved of.

"Here's the idea. We create a parasite that gives tons of people allergies to certain things. This will allow Kleenex to get more sales. On the other hand, we, AirPure, will develop a nasal spray that can combat these parasites, as well as provide adequate allergy relief. Sounds like a good idea?"

Several questions and one approval later, the parasite is successfully engineered after a few long months.


After a lot of trial and error, they found a way to get the Allergy Parasite into a few sources. Two of these, were dust and tree pollen. To their pleasant surprise, the Allergy Parasite's effects we're overnight. 

Not only were the allergic symptoms quite potent, but allergy medication also has no affect as well. Even the scientists who created the parasite couldn't explain it.  Kids, teens, and adults were all equally affected...

Those who we're already allergic? Let's just say, it got much worse...


"Bless you baby..." Hailey said, rubbing her boyfriend's back. "Allergies again?"

"It's deen much worse than normal," Alex stuffily complained After blowing his stuffed nose. "By allergy bedications aren't working..." 

"Hunny, just try not to think about it, alright? Here, let me get you the neti pot."


Even as Mother's Day passes, the topic of the sudden surge of allergy sufferers and most allergy medications having little to no effect has continued to trend, and scientists have made no progress in finding the cause.

Sadie was just a young woman taking a stroll. She knew that she needed to get some good flowers for mother's day, but fortunately for her, she knew exactly where some were. At her neighbor's backyard, she picked a rose. Little did she know this rose would cause her a lot of misery.

"These will be perfect!" Sadie thought. "My mom's gonna love these."

While walking back home, she decided to take a big sniff of the rose. Unfortunately, she shortly felt the same familiar allergic feeling that some of her friends we're suffering through. Heh-chew! Hiih-Chew! Heeh-Heh-Cheeeeeeeeww! Rubbing her itchy, runny nose a bit, she put it off as just a strong scent, and went home.

"Mom!" Sadie called out to her mother, holding the flower behind her back. "I have a surprise for you!"

After her mother, who we shall name Madelyn, comes over, Sadie shows her the flower. "Awww, Sadie, you're so sweet! Want to sniff these together, sweetie?"

Instinctively, Sadie and her mother took a few deep sniffs of the rose. 

Haaahh-Choo! Hiih-Chew! Hiii-tchoo! Hiie-shooo! Hiie-Chew!

The topic of the supposed allergy surge was still deep in Madelyn's mind. Since she watched the news a lot, and has read some online articles about it, in which many of the articles oddly explained that only a few allergies we're on the rise, and nothing else. Madelyn knew that deep down, her own daughter was affected by this dang parasite. 

"Bless you, sweetie.'" her mother said. As Sadie kept sniffling, she grabbed a tissue box and set it down on the couch, while taking her itchy, allergic daughter there, setting her down. 

"Sweetie, sniff the rose again. I think it might be making you sneeze."

After blowing her nose, Sadie then kept sniffing the flower, enjoying it's floral scent, despite knowing what would happen.


After several loud sneezes, and her mother getting more and more concerned with each sneeze, her sneezes calmed down, but Sadie was still feeling like an itchy faucet.

"Uuugh," Sadie moaned, after blowing her nose a few times. "I can't believe I'm allergic to roses now..." While talking to her mother, Sadie was furiously itching her red and inflamed nose.


This is to be continued. Some of the backstory is revealed, and there is an eventual end to this.

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(Well now, I appreciate the things that some people have said! I guess I'm ready for part two!)


Although no progress has been made towards solving the mystery of the Allergic Apocalypse, the suffering of most people have calmed down. Society mostly considered it a terrible allergy season, and measures have been taken to make the next season not as bad. Unfortunately for AirPure, one small company managed to engineer an allergy medicine that had a lot of promise. Randy and his crew of mad scientists knew that if they didn't hurry up and make a quick adjustment, sales would come crashing down. 

"I've called all of you for an important meeting." Randy said to his mad scientists. "It appears that a small group of scientists have seemingly found a cure. If we don't engineer our parasites to counter it, our sales will drop and our pay will be cut into a third of what we are being paid."

After nearly a couple months of hard work, Randy has possibly found an answer to this parasite...


Although most forgot about the terrible spring allergy season, it would soon instantly rekindle into the minds of everyone, as AirPure was ready to pounce the moment ragweed would wage war on the environment with their sticky, microscopic pollen.

"What is up everyone? This FOX News, with your host, Arthur, and your co-host, Angela!"

"Hey Arthur, do you still remember that one time you reported the one allergic apocalypse back in spring?" Angela asked, "Well, it is back!"

"Yep, it's back and well, I guess for some people, WORSE than ever. It's estimated that every other person here will be suffering. We got one woman to be interviewed. Going back to you, Jordan!

While listening to Jordan speaking, there was a woman who clearly had severe fall allergies behind him. The short woman was in the middle of a sneezing fit, and you could see that her nose and eyes were swollen, red and runny. 

Hii-tscheww, Ha-choo, hiii-choo, hiii-tchuu, HEH-choo! 

"Excuse me... Ever since August, my allergies have gotten so bad, I can't even function half the time..." Mackenzie said. She then gave her red nose a gurgly blow to a lotion tissue, presumably the same stuff that Kleenex started selling last spring.

"Tell me, Ms. Mackenzie," Jordan said, "Have you ever suffered from any allergies before?"

"Oh, tell me about it," Mackenzie said, with a lot of sniffling in between. "I'm allerg- hi-hii-hii" HIIII-TCHEWWWW! "Excuse me," sniff, "I'm allergic to just about everything. Almost anything that blooms, dust, cats, even mold can set me off sometimes. As long as I remember, I was always like this in the spring and fall. I even remember being made fun of it when I was a young girl, too." 

"Has it gotten noticeably worse this year? Especially during last spring season?", Jordan asked, waiting patiently for an answer after Mackenzie blew her swollen nose with some tissues. After she lowered them, her red, inflamed nose was visible.

"Well, they were usually enough to make them not too bad. But I'm still suffering quite a bit, even with this new medicine that came out..."

"Well, that ends the interview," Jordan said, with Mackenzie sniffling and sneezing in the background. "Shall we go back to you, Arthur?"

"Yes we can! Anyways, this is Arthur, signing out!" Arthur replied. "Oh, and this is Angela signing out as well!" Angela said in the background.


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There's a third party page that makes quotes by people sound all congested and stuff. It really helps me get into the story more. Too bad the lady being interviewed wasn't having worse allergies this year... She makes them sound like basically normal. I was hoping to see an apocalypse!

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2 hours ago, macrotwentytwo said:

There's a third party page that makes quotes by people sound all congested and stuff. It really helps me get into the story more. Too bad the lady being interviewed wasn't having worse allergies this year... She makes them sound like basically normal. I was hoping to see an apocalypse!

Mind if you link me to it? 

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am looking forward to more of this and I'm curious to see what happens next, and how the "apokolypse" part of it comes into it. I wouldn't put it past Kleenex to do that sort of thing if it where actually possible to do!

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(Sorry for the long delay guys, I had schoolwork and things to do. Also, if anyone can link me to the third party page that makes people sound stuffy, that would be very nice.)


A week has passed since Mackenzie's interview, and things have not improved for her. If anything, I'd say it's gotten worse, but I think some people could have said it has gotten better.


Mackenzie sat in her bed, next to a box of Kleenex's special tissues, with one in her face, as she was blowing her runny, red, nose. She was sitting next to Payton, her girlfriend, who was working on some things on her computer. 

"Bless you, sneezy babe." Payton said. "You running out of the tissues yet?"

"Do, I'b dnot running out..." Mackenzie replied. "Ugh, Payton, I feel do congedted..." she sleepily complained.

"Sweetie, just... try to get some sleep. With all that sneezing in the night, I doubt you got much sleep..."

After several minutes of trying, Mackenzie eventually fell asleep. Until then Payten was struggling to concentrate on her work, not because Mackenzie's sneezing was distracting her, but because she was turned on by it.


Although Randy and his scientists were enjoying their victory, there were some doctors, allergists and scientists at work. Jacob was one of the leaders, and he was determined to find the cause. On September 16th, they didn't make a discovery, but they found a big clue to the puzzle.

"Jacob, look at this!" one of the doctors called out, satisfied that his discovery on the tree pollen was important.

Jacob looked in the microscope, surprised by the amount of allergens within the single pollen grain, and then looked at other tree pollen samples of the same species, some that are years old.

While piecing it all together, he put two and two together and realized that the pollen has been more potent in causing allergies recently.

"But," Jacob muttered to himself, "that doesn't explain why more people are suffering..."

After today, Randy might just have to be ready, because they are being confronted by geniuses...


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I know your busy with college and all but hope you'll continue this sometime. it's excellent so far and am looking forward to see what else you can come up with.

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